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Book Details:

Book Title: Signs in the Rearview Mirror: Leaving a Toxic Relationship Behind by Kelly Smith

Category:  Adult Non-Fiction, 214 pages

Genre:  Self-Help, Memoir

Publisher:  Sunny Day Publishing

Release date:  April 2018

Content Rating:
PG + M. This non-fiction self-help book has very mild if any swearing.
However, it does deal with the topic of abusive relationships, which
some may consider inappropriate for younger reading audiences.

Book Description:

What kind of person ends up in a toxic relationship? And why stay? This
searingly honest memoir answers both of those questions head-on.
Coming-out of failing marriage, Kelly turns to Gabe out of fear of being
alone. Her gradual slide into danger is at once terrifying and inevitable.

Kelly tells her story now to inspire others who find themselves in
similar turmoil. In this book, Kelly outlines the steps to escape
abusive relationship and offers hope for future relationships.

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My Review
Signs in the Rearview Mirror is an eye-opening book. It tackles the tough subject of abusive relationships, and it showcases the reasoning the author had for sticking it out for as long as she did. Why do people stay in toxic relationships? Fear. Loneliness. What they think is love. Hope for change. There are a myriad of reasons, and while others may think it's easy to just leave and stop using those reasons as excuses, it's honestly not. As someone who was in a toxic, abusive relationship for almost nine years, I get it. As someone who grew up with a toxic parent, I get it. Reading this book made me relate to and understand the author in a way I think some readers may not. If you haven't experienced this sort of thing, it may be harder to understand. The red flags are everywhere, but still, there's that small spark of hope lingering, and that's what you latch onto. 
This book is one I would consider a must-read. It really does shine a light on something that happens to people, mostly women, every day. It's not pretty. It's not easy. And it needs to be talked about more. This book does a pretty good job at showcasing the common signs of a toxic relationship, and what to look out for and hopefully avoid, or overcome if you're already dealing with a toxic person.
Finding the courage to leave is hard. But suffering in silence is worse. I applaud the author for finally taking control of her life back. For finally being able to say, hey, I don't deserve to be treated this way. My children don't need to be around this. They don't need to growing up thinking this is how men should treat women (or vice versa). Getting help is one of the best (and bravest) things one can do. As is cutting ties and removing that person from your life for good. And the weight that gets lifted is one of the most freeing feelings ever.
Signs in the Rearview Mirror is a wonderfully honest memoir, and I think everyone should read it.
5 stars!

Meet the Author:

Boston born and raised, Kelly now makes her home in Austin,TX with
her three sons and one amazing Giant Schnauzer, Bullseye. Kelly has
written for Huffington Post, Elephant Journal, and hosts a podcast,
Let's Get Wicked Deep.

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