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The Aria of Glavanize by Wilder Page - Teaser Tuesday + Giveaway

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Post-Apocalyptic / Sci-Fi / Dystopian
Date Published: July 3, 2020
Publisher: Skyland Press

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Incarnate Number Seven, a cybernetically enhanced young woman with no
memories and only a basic operating system, awakens to a devastated world
painted in blood, desperation, and genocide. Guided only by a moody
artificial intelligence program and scattered digital memories into the
past, Seven must traverse the perilous Gateway region, fighting past its
savage inhabitants and monsters to learn who she was and what happened to
her world. Maybe, if she’s lucky, she’ll even save what’s
left of humanity in the process…


Fliting in and out of consciousness, I gurgled at the Ichor as he leaned over me, grinning again. He clamped his hand around my neck and lifted me off the ground. Then he held me there, the ground far below, and his hand clamped down on my neck as he began squeezing my throat closed. I flailed and tried to kick at him with my one unbroken leg, but none of it had any effect. I put the palms of my gauntlets to the arm he was holding me with. I didn’t know if I could still activate my plasma system with my visor broken, but I tried, hoping to take his arm off in the process. I willed and begged the plasma to burst as hard as I could, and willed it again and again, but nothing happened! 

The Ichor squeezed my throat even harder as I gasped for breath. The courtyard began to spin, and my head began to feel light. I was getting so sleepy... 

“No! Please, don’t kill her!” I heard K-Cat scream in what sounded like a distant whisper somewhere behind me. I tried hitting The Ichor’s arms some more, to no effect. Then my energy was gone, and I couldn’t flail any longer. My limbs felt like boulders attached to my body, and I wanted to move them, but the exertion was impossible. I could still hear K-Cat screaming in the background.

I’m sorry, I tried to whisper to her. 

I’d failed her, I’d failed all of them. I hadn’t even come close…

My fragmented thoughts drifted back to all my unanswered questions, to the main reason I’d crawled out of Galvanize in the first place. I’d never even come close to figuring out who I was, let alone how I ended up as an Incarnate. There were no answers for why I’d ended up being murdered by some disfigured lunatic 200 years after the fall of the REA. And yet, the nagging disappointment that bothered me most was that I would never even know who my family was. I’d never see them again, even if just in some random recording.

This wasn’t the way things were supposed to end for me…

About the Author
Wilder Page loves science fiction, cyberpunk, dystopian, and
post-apocalyptic worlds. Especially those with stories where the personal
stakes are high, and the costs of failure are very real. But he also
believes in the triumph of the human spirit, and whether the future will be
grim or bright, well… that’s a choice each of us has to make
for ourselves. When Wilder’s not writing or daydreaming he spends the
rest of his time running, traveling with his wife and best friend, or
playing video games with his two amazing little kiddos!

Contact Links
Twitter: wilder_page
Instagram: wilder_page

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