Jillian earns her nickname when she drags her roommates 50 years into the past to a boarding school in the Vietnam highlands during the war. Secrets, danger, intrigue, magical events, and real history roll up into a tale illustrating how challenges press a girl labeled as different to become strong and independent. A triumphant story about bullying and development of real friendships, this book will both teach and absorb you.

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Jennifer's Review
The Secrets and Peculiar Adventures of Jillian Dangerous is a good book. I liked it. 
It’s about a girl named Jillian who goes to school and gets bullied by another girl named Maddie. She has no friends and no one seems to like her, but she has a couple girls who seem to accept her. 
But after Jillian gets home, she decides she wants to go to another school, and after talking about it with her adoptive parents, it’s decided she can go.  But first she has to finish up at her old school, so while there, she and a couple other girls decide to go visit a seawall where they get caught in a strange storm. 
While running back into the school, they soon find out that the dorm they thought was theirs was not. It was a different room with different people. What happened during that storm and why is everything different? How do the girls finally figure out what happened to them? 
It’s a really interesting thing what happened. I really recommend this book if you like books about time travel. 
I give it 4 stars.

Author Bio
Ruthie Davis, a new author, grew up in Southeast Asia. She attended boarding school during the Vietnam War. The school was moved several times to other countries from its original location in the Vietnam highlands. She’s written a novel of historical fiction surrounding some of the locations and events she experienced. Adding one of her loves, time travel, plus some fantasy and a cast of fictional characters results in an intriguing story for middle grade readers that’s been described as “weird and cool”.

Ruthie’s day job is working as the president and chief operating officer of a behavioral health counseling agency. She and her husband enjoy a similar history and have a remarkable son who, among other accomplishments, has served in the military. This touches a special place in the author’s heart as a result of those who rescued her and the entire boarding school in 1965 Vietnam.