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Treasure Fever by James B. McPike - Guest Blogger Book Review

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Max Finley is an American spy tasked with tracking down an old flame responsible for the theft of a rare 16th-century manuscript from Spain. Little does he know but she's hot on the trail of finding the long-lost city of El Dorado. A place of magnificent gold wealth left by the Inca Empire and pursued for centuries by treasure hunters around the world. But it’s also rumored to be cursed after disastrous expeditions were lost and explorers tragically perished. As Finley reluctantly joins her quest, he finds himself mixed up in a deadly game of international espionage and intrigue where the powers that be will do anything to stop him.

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Jennifer's Review
Treasure Fever is a good book. I enjoyed reading it. 
It’s about a woman named Lexa who is determined to find a rare treasure. She breaks into a library, gets her information from a manuscript, and goes on the run. She goes to foreign countries in search of the fabled treasure called El Dorado.  She is soon being pursued by a guy named Max who works for the NSA, but when they meet, Max falls in love with her and decides to help her. 
Together, the two of them hop from country to country getting help from a taxi driver. 
Meanwhile another NSA agent is sent after them with bodyguards; he soon finds them and the chase is on. Do Max and Lexa ever find the treasure? Does the other NSA agent, Dean, find them, and if so, what does he do? What happens to Max and Lexa and Dean? 
I give this book 3 stars.

Author Bio
McPike's 6th action/adventure spy/thriller TREASURE FEVER: The Hunt for El Dorado is out now! It was named a Top-10 semi-finalist in Clive Cussler's Adventure Writer's Competition. Red City Review gave it 5-stars, calling it "a real goldmine of a book". His last book SHIPWRECK ISLAND was based on a real 19th century New Zealand shipwreck that went missing--along with its legendary gold cargo.

McPike's previous mystery/thriller THE EMERALD CAVE was the grand finale in the acclaimed Ramsey trilogy six years in the making. The book reveals hidden secrets about the Grail and where it might be today. The prior book in the series THE LOST PROPHET was the winner of multiple literary awards, including the Pacific Book Award for Christian Mystery/Thrillers and the Beverly Hills Book Award for Religion fiction. His 700-page debut sci-fi epic FINAL OUTCOME was nominated with 5% (50 of 1,000) books for the 17th EVVY Awards and won the silver medal from Readers' Favorite in the Christian/Fantasy genre.

He is a member of the International Thriller Writers. His favorite authors are Preston & Child and David Morrell. He's traveled the world from Switzerland to Aruba to New Zealand. He lives near Yosemite where he enjoys the great outdoors and wonderful local cuisine. Readers can follow him on Twitter @JMcPikeAuthor or reach him at

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