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Amber Waves of Grace by Jessica Berg - Guest Blogger Book Review

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After her father’s accident, Corrie Lancaster moves back to the family farm just in time to help with the harvest. With a bumper crop of wheat waiting, the farm’s only hired hand quits, leaving Corrie with no choice but to accept the help of her old boyfriend’s older brother, Aaron Tuttle. It seems like the perfect plan until Corrie realizes ex-flame Luke isn’t over her. But even with Luke’s apologies and attempts to rekindle their romance, Corrie can’t forget his past betrayal.

Between harvesting, keeping tabs on her younger siblings, and watching her parents’ marriage crumble, Corrie leans on Aaron for emotional support. Wading through jealousy was never on Corrie’s to-do list, but as she navigates the choppy waters, she finds herself falling for Aaron’s good looks and charming wit.

Just when Corrie thinks she has everything under control, a stranger seeking shelter comes to the farm, and an old nemesis returns for revenge. As destructive forces align against her, Corrie must decide which man’s love will bring her back to life and restore her faith in herself, her family, and her purpose.

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Jennifer's Review
Amber Waves of Grace is a very good book. 
It’s sad but very good. It’s about a  girl named Corrie who owns a farm that people are trying to buy from her because they think she can’t handle it on her own. 
Her dad had an accident and is unable to help, her extended family can’t help, and one day there a girl who is pregnant shows up and the family welcomes her into their house. 
Corrie soon learns that the girl named Violet is harboring a dangerous secret that could tear the family apart. When bad things start happening, Corrie blames a guy named George, even though he is not the bad guy. 
Corrie’s ex boyfriend soon takes up a friendship with Violet and learns that she’s pregnant. What happens near the end is ok, and you won’t believe who the bad guy is.
And what happens to Violet and her baby?
I give this book 3 stars.

Author Bio
I live in a crazy world filled with four children, a supposed-to-be minature Australian Shepard, and an adoring husband. I add to my daily crazy fix by teaching high school English as well!
I have three passions: family, teaching, and writing. My stories are based off of real people, with real emotions, and real flaws. Often times, my family is a source of many of my characters, and beings I love to people watch, my characters often mirror the mannerisms and personalities of people I see across the street or people I meet in the Wal-Mart aisles.
My first book, A Place to Call Home, is my debut novel. My second novel highlights the saga of a family farm in my home state of South Dakota, where family, faith, and love help Corrie Lancaster overcome hate and attain the love of her life.

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