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Casino Chronicle by Pascale Batieufaye - Book Blitz

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Memoir, Business, Self-Help
How I Recovered from Injurious Employment Practices-So Can You!
Published: June 2020
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Casino Chronicle is the story of how one man contributed a number of
visionary ideas that the casino he worked for used to grow its business and
add comforts to its customers. This should be a story about great success
for the writer and his employer, but unfortunately it is not. This memoir is
also the chronicle of how the author’s ideas were stolen, under the
guise of an “employee suggestion program,” then he was
marginalized, his sanity questioned, and then ultimately pushed aside. It
revolves around a series of dark chapters from 1996 to 2004 that would
change the author’s life, but also teach valuable lessons about the
nature of casinos and the truth about what can go wrong between the powerful
and the powerless. This is one man’s story, but it could happen to
Praise for Casino Chronicle:
"Casino Chronicle is one late-blooming whistleblower's scathing
account that sends a message of caution to the underhand machinations of the
gambling industry." - Pacific Book Review

"His written submissions were well-formulated and business-like.
Wherever passion takes over, word choices seem adapted from current
media." US Review of Books

 About the Author

Pascale Batieufaye attended Johnson & Wales University where he studied
travel and tourism. Batieufaye is an animal rights activist and aspires to
open an animal rehabilitation center for rescue animals. As an independent
contractor, he earned 1099 income by delivering financial statement mails to
various banks across RI and MA state lines. He resides in Boston,

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