Friday, July 24, 2020

Crow by Amanda Mackey - Book Tour + Giveaway

by Amanda Mackey 
Genre: Dark Romance 


I'm the Grim Reaper 

My face is the last thing my victims see 

I take life without blinking 

Bred this way by the devil himself 

The asshole who raised me 

When the time comes, I'll bury him too 

In the meantime, the little starling feeding the birds in the park has my full attention. 

Raven colored hair 

Disarming eyes that infuse my dead heart with oxygen 

The broken pieces of me want her to put me back together 

But the monster is calling to come out and play. 

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.... 

Aria: If eyes could shoot bullets, I’d be dead. As if there is room for him to lean in any farther without kissing me, he does and slants his head to the side at the last second, leaving me with my eyes shut. 
“Oh, sweet Aria. That mouth of yours is going to get you into all sorts of trouble. You have no idea who I am, do you?”
I’m on a roll. Loose lips from alcohol. “I know that you are arrogant and not a very nice man. You don’t appear to have any manners, so I imagine women are just objects to you. And you still haven’t answered my question about stalking me.”
He sniffs my neck and bites my ear gently, eliciting a surge of unwanted energy. Damn Liv and her drinks. I only wanted one. Now here I stand, facing off with Satan himself and I’m not even scared. Well, maybe a little. But I’m also ready to moan in pleasure at the sensation which I haven’t felt in a long time. If ever. This is a whole new level of awareness.
His head moves directly in front of me. So close, I’m cross-eyed. A hand that I already know the feel of, grips my neck. He forces my head back into the wall. 

“Oh, how right you are, Aria. I’m not a nice man. Women are most certainly objects to me. I fuck and I fuck with lethal force. No emotions involved whatsoever. I’m a cold-hearted son of a bitch without morals, so I suggest you run, far, far away.”

Amanda Mackey was born in New Zealand and moved to Australia when she was 12 years old with her family, where she has lived ever since. She has loved books since an early age and is an avid reader. This has helped lay the foundation for her writing. She's published 7 novels to date with plenty more on the way. An author with Limitless Publishing, she loves to spend time with family when she's not writing or reading.
Amanda hopes to make writing her full time career and travel in the near future. 

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