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Deadly Secrets by Ann Girdharry - Book Blitz

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Deadly Secrets
How long can you get away with murder?

In an idyllic Sussex town, Mr Quinn whispers a secret on his death bed. Hours later the person who cared for Quinn is killed.
Mr Quinn’s secret sets off events unlike anything Detective Grant and Psychologist Ruby Silver have ever seen.
A series of deaths follow as a killer tries to cover their twenty-year trail of murder by drowning.
Grant, Silver and the team must track a killer who has been getting away with murder for years. But when treachery, corruption and secrets from the past are used against Sergeant Tom Delaney, the killer turns their attention to one of Grant’s own…
Detective David Grant and Psychologist Ruby Silver are back in this unmissable new crime thriller. It can be read as the sequel to Deadly Motives or as a brilliant stand-alone. It's the perfect read for fans of authors like Angela Marsons, Robert Bryndza and Helen H. Durrant.

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Quinn’s legs were trembling and when they left, he cried quietly. He didn’t want the nightmares anymore and he didn’t want the sickening guilt. He was a coward who would go to hell for what he’d done and he knew it. 

He rubbed at his eyes as he remembered the sweltering heat of twenty years earlier and the one night which changed his life forever.

It had been a record-breaking heatwave summer with temperatures hot enough to melt tarmac roads. That unforgettable night, scorched grass had crunched underfoot as he had made his way towards a small group waiting in the shadows. Under the half moon, Quinn had walked like a condemned man.
‘Quinn, you’re late.’
Once he joined them, it made five in all. Five people who were prepared to do whatever it took to save their own skins. Quinn had wondered if he was the only one who believed in Hell .
They spread out around a black hole in the ground. Quinn’s legs had shaken as badly as they shook now underneath the sheets.
Then it began. The first person had picked up the shovel. There came the ring of metal on earth as a load was taken up. It had been hefted into the hole where it landed with a thud. Three shovelfuls each and they would keep going until it was done, that’s what they’d agreed. Each of them should take equal blame.
Quinn had wanted to run and he knew they would be merciless if he did. When it came to his turn, the shovel was rough against his soft, office palms. He had never done a manual task in his life. Gripping the handle tight, he’d dug into the mound of fresh earth. Quinn threw in his own share of dirt – one load, two, three. He felt no regret and not even one shred of remorse. This was about survival.
They had continued around the circle until the task was done. Then they turned their backs on each other and silently left. Quinn had spent the rest of his life trying to pretend that night never happened. He had terrible nightmares and he hated the smell of fresh earth to this day and, like the others, he swore he would keep the secret or pay a terrible price.

Author Bio –
Ann Girdharry is a British, crime thriller author.

She's a trained psychotherapist and worked as a manager in the not-for-profit sector for many years.
Ann is an avid reader and her favourites are crime and suspense. She regularly talks about her favourite reads to her newsletter subscribers. She enjoys travelling and apart from the UK she’s lived in the USA (where her first daughter was born), Norway (where her second daughter was born) and she currently lives in France. 

She was an ERIC HOFFER BOOK AWARD Finalist 2017.

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