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Hello, Everyone Has a Story by Sheila Kovach - Book Blitz

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Short Stories
Publisher: Christian Faith Publishing
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Wonderful stories of life in our modern world with messages of hope,
forgiveness and faith.
During daily walks, I have gathered a lot of thoughts about my fellow
walkers. Oftentimes I have thought, "What's their story?" as I
have passed by them and said hello. The manner in which a person responds to
a greeting is quite telling. Watching a person's mannerisms, eye contact,
and general facial expressions tells a passerby a lot. These 40 short
stories are a fictional reflection of the day-to-day stories that anyone
could be experiencing as they walk the daily walk of life in this modern
time in America, in the beautiful park with the oaks. Hello won the Pinnacle
Book Achievement Award for 2020 for Short Stories.

 About the Author

Sheila Kovach lives in Cora Wyoming, and has stories to tell. With her
positive attitude and sense of humor, she drew upon many life experiences to
create these stories. She won the NABE Pinnacle Book Achievement Award for
Short Stories for this book.

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