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Slumberland by Derra Nicole Sabo - Book Tour + Giveaway

By Derra Nicole Sabo 
Genre: Biography 

How do you dream? Are your dreams in color or black n' white? Do they feel surreal or all too real? 

Well, I'd like to introduce you to my little slice of bittersweet. These subconscious woods hold every fear and my anxieties masked are as wolves. Nightmares that play on a loop for weeks, even months at a time. Symptoms of waking in cold sweats and shaking. The only moments of peace are found in the sporadically studded dreams that happen every now and again. These woods house every past demon as well as certain past versions of who I once was. This place is worse than death, yet it inspires. So... 

...Before my alarm clock goes off, before I take the last train out of here, I take one last glance back, one last glance at all of the Polaroids pinned to every tree branch, polaroids of every dream and nightmare that have stolen my nights since '95... 

These dreams...these woods...this's my upside down... 

This is my Slumberland… 


"I enjoyed ‘Slumberland.’ It is a poetic, dark, abstract look into Derra Nicole Sabo’s dreams. I was reminded of many odd and repetitious dreams.

I really liked Sabo detailing how the unfamiliar and the familiar can offer both comfort and terror to the dreamer. I’ve always known the fact, but had never thought about it in those terms before..." 

"I enjoyed weaving through every retelling of the author's remembrance of her dreams and nightmares. How she explains their importance through reflection of them is an eye-opener too..."゚゚

"there was something about Slumberland that resonated with me. It is, in essence, a collection of short dream stories that are weaved together in an inexplicable way. The author goes kind of dark, but her phrasing is beautiful. It is abstract and poetic..." 

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Do you prefer to write in silence or with noise? Why?
I need music playing or a movie playing in the background. My mind runs a million miles a minute and trying to write in silence, I just end up becoming distracted by every little sound. Having music or a movie playing in the background keeps my ears fixated on the particular sound which allows my mind to focus on my writing.

Do you write one book at a time or do you have several going at a time?
I have a few projects in the works at once, however, I choose one to aim most of my attention to while the others I simply jot down any idea or thought that pops into my brain so that I won;'t forget. Every new project that gets a majority of my attention is always a mess until I clean things up, lol.

If you could have been the author of any book ever written, which book would you choose?
The Silence by Tim Lebbon...the concept of that storyline is insane and it just makes you wonder what life would be like living in that type of world. To live with the fear of making any kind of sound which could lead to becoming hunted. I mean...if you haven't read The Silence then get yourself a copy. I know that A Quiet Place is based off of The Silence...and let me tell you, I used to think that I was a pretty quiet person when moving around. But, after seeing A Quiet Place, I am super noisey and aware of it now. Thank you John Krazinski for that, lol.

Pen or type writer or computer?
I have pens and notebooks galore, but I am a total laptop / tablet girl. There is just something so satisfying about typing away.

What made you want to become an author and do you feel it was the right decision?
I am not always the best when it comes to verbalizing certain emotions ie; sadness, grief, frustration or anger. Perhaps that stemmed from being bullied throughout school and knowing that if I opened my mouth to stand up for myself I'd end up getting beat up. Staying silent for so long changes you in a weird way, it messes with your brain's functions. As an adult I speak my mind when I feel the need to, but that silent act still creeps up on me. Writing has allowed me to talk about the deep, uncomfortable and even a bit twisted topics that we need to discuss, but don't. Writing is my megaphone. It is definitely the right decision for myself.

 Advice they would give new authors?
Write what you have a passion for, not what you think is trending. It will definitely read in your book whether or not you enjoyed writing that story. It's scary, but be yourself, be original. You want to stick out in the writing world because that's the only way you'll stand out.

Describe your writing style. writing is me in a nutshell.

What are they currently reading?
I am currently reading, well re-reading, The Alienist as S2 of The Alienist will be premiering in July.

What is your writing Kryptonite?
Over editing...holy moly! I can become trapped in the editing zone so quickly and sometimes it is hard to pull out of it. I have learned when to keep the editing process simple, but every now and again, I fall down the rabbit hole, lol.

Do you try more to be original or to deliver to readers what they want?
Original, 100%. I don't want to create something that's already been created. I want to blow your mind with my own twisted, creative words.

If you could tell your younger writing self anything, what would it be?
You survive, so keep going. Don't give up, no matter how bad you want to. You are not done with this world and it isn't done with you. Hold on kid, it gets better.

My name is Derra Sabo...I am California born and raised. I spend my days writing, sipping on coffee and listening to music. When I'm not busy typing away, I love spending time with my family and friends. Days spent at the beach ended by burgers at In-N-Out. Growing up I wanted to become a fashion designer/ drummer, but somewhere along the way writing grabbed ahold of me and I've never looked back. Over the years writing has aided in healing from my past. Being born and living with a rare disorder led to being bullied throughout life as well as surgeries growing up. Writing and music are my sanity. 

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