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The Order of the Key by Justine Manzano - Book Tour & Review + Giveaway

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The Order of the Key
Justine Manzano

Publication date: July 9th 2020
Genres: Urban Fantasy, Young Adult

Jacklyn Madison never expected to be attacked by a beast on an evening snack run. Add a rescue mission enacted by a trained regiment of teenaged warriors, and her night officially becomes just like a scene from one of her beloved comic books. Turns out, her parents were once members of the Order of the Key, gifted humans that protect humanity from creatures spilling through inter-dimensional rifts. Unable to control her newfound abilities, Jacklyn and her family rejoin the Order.
After an attack on their headquarters leaves Jacklyn questioning their leadership, Kyp—the boy who led her initial rescue—reveals a darker secret. The Order’s leader may be corrupt, and Jacklyn’s questions could put her family in danger. Drawn into the search for proof, Jacklyn must use her guts and magical brawn to protect her family, her friends, and herself from the monsters spilling from rifts, and those hiding within the Order.

My Review
The Order of the Key is a young adult urban fantasy novel about a girl named Jacklyn who discovers her family is actually part of an Order, which is made up of Keys and Guardians. They protect people from inter-dimensional beings. After being attacked by a creature on her way home one night, Jacklyn's world is flipped upside down. But what she discovers about the Order makes things go from bad to so much worse. It becomes a matter of life and death.
I thought this book was a decent read. I did struggle with it at times. It wasn't as exciting or intriguing as I would have liked, but I did enjoy it for what it was. Even though I didn't connect with any of the characters, I did like Gana and Kyp, and I thought Liv was pretty darn awful.
The ending leaves you hanging a little, and it'll be interesting to see where the story might go.
If you're a fan of YA urban fantasy, check out The Order of the Key.
3.5 stars from me.

Author Bio:
Justine Manzano is a YA author and editor living in Bronx, NY with her husband, son, and a cacophony of cats. Her novel, The Order of the Key will be available from Black Rose Writing in July 2020. She can normally be found at her website,,and she’s on all the usual social media haunts. If you’ve looked in all these places and can’t find her, she’s probably off reading fanfiction. She’ll be back soon.


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