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The Slums by D.K. Dailey - Book Blitz

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Golden Dreg Boy, Book 1: The Slums
YA Dystopian Sci-fi
Release Date: July 2, 2020
Publisher: Tillable Ground Dreams

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Finding out who you are has never been so deadly.
In the ruins of San Francisco California, survivors of an epidemic that
swept the nation have pooled inside the cities, restructuring life as we
know it. Now it’s the strong against the weak; the rich Golden against
the poor Dreg.
The Golden govern everything. Living above the city in four sectors, they
look down on the Dreg slums. Against all odds, the Dreg have become
survivors. Unable to afford proper care, their immune systems have adapted
to protect them against the diseases now infecting the Golden.
Seventeen-year-old Kade Shaw is a privileged Golden. Kade and his family
have the best money can buy, living in the wealthiest area of Sector One. A
bored rich kid, Kade’s tired of his mundane life, and regularly sneaks
out to the skate park and the slums to take risks and feel alive—maybe
even kiss a Dreg girl or two. Until one night at an illegal party,
everything goes horribly wrong.
When the cops accuse Kade of falsifying his Golden status, an offense that
carries a death sentence, he is forced to question his true heritage after
his powerful parents won’t save him. Then, on the eve of his
execution, he’s rescued by a guerilla Dreg group—but why? What
do they want from him? As he lives with them in squalor, trained in raiding
for food, fighting, and how to survive, he slowly gains respect for the Dreg
people, seeing them as more than “other”, confusing the age-old
lines of good and bad. But despite his infatuation with Saya, a beautiful
Dreg girl, Kade still wants his old life back.
In the brewing deadly war between rich and the poor, Kade must make a
choice between fighting for his Golden status or helping the Dregs who saved
his life. Golden or Dreg?
Other Books in the Golden Dreg Boy Series:

Golden Dreg Boy, Prequel Book 0.5: The Skate Park
Release Date: July 2, 2020
Publisher: Tillable Ground Dreams

Having fun means breaking the rules. But the risks are greater when
you’re Golden.
In the ruins of San Francisco California, survivors of an epidemic that
swept the nation have pooled inside the cities, restructuring life as we
know it, pitting the rich Golden against the poor Dreg.
Kade Shaw and his best friend Marcus are two very rich, very bored Golden
teenage boys looking to break away from their predetermined lives, if only
for a little while. Building a skate park seems the perfect way to have a
place of their own, somewhere they can have fun and break some rules.
When fellow students begin to fall sick and school is forced to close, Kade
begins to question what he knows as normal. After their Dreg contact makes a
strange request in exchange for the fiberglass they need for the park,
Kade’s unsure if a chance at freedom is worth the risks they are
taking. He knows the risks shouldn’t excite him and he should be
thrilled being a Golden—but something is missing.
Will he ever be satisfied with his life? And how can he take his rightful
place as an elite Golden when all he wants to do is break free?

Golden Dreg Boy©, Book 1.5, Under the Bridge (Says Prequel – do
not recommend reading before Book 1, it has spoliers.)
Coming July 23, 2020
Golden Dreg Boy©, Book 2, The Underground
Coming July 30, 2020
Golden Dreg Boy©, Book 3, The Hills
Coming August 20, 2020
Golden Dreg Boy©, Book 4, The Premier
Coming September 24, 2020
Golden Dreg Boy©, Divided (This is a volume with 2 Prequels-not an
additional book)
Coming August 20, 2020

 About the Author 

D.K. Dailey has a problem: kind of like I see dead people but for writers.
Good thing she fuels that creativity to build worlds and create people who
do what she says-well, most of the time. She often says, if she wasn't a
writer, she'd be certifiably crazy.
Dailey's writing journey started as a child when she began writing sci-fi
short stories, a result of watching countless hours of Star Trek on a shared
TV with her parents. With an inborn passion for telling stories, writing
songs and poems, her hobbies erupted into a career path after she penned a
play in college and then her first novel. As a writer of color living in
Northern California being immersed in a tapestry of culture and history has
consistently inspired and helped D.K. Dailey pen numerous books.
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