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Warbringer by Aaron Hodges - Book Blitz

Centuries ago, the world fell.
From the ashes rose a terrible new species—the Tangata.
Now they wage war against the kingdoms of man.
And humanity is losing.

Recruited straight from his academy, twenty-year-old Lukys hopes the frontier will make a soldier out of him. But Tangata are massing in the south, and the allied armies are desperate. They will do anything to halt the enemy advance—including sending untrained men and women into battle. Determined to survive, Lukys seeks aid from the only man who seems to care: Romaine, the last warrior of an extinct kingdom.

Meanwhile, the Queen’s Archivist leads an expedition deep beneath the earth. She seeks to uncover the secrets of the Gods. Their magic has been lost to the ages, yet artifacts remain, objects of power that could turn the tide of the war. But salvation is not all that waits beneath the surface. Something else slumbers in the darkness. Something old. Something evil.

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Author Q&A

1. What would you consider to be your Kryptonite as an author?
Cake. I always work in a café and every time I swear I’ll only get a coffee. But I swear, the cake calls to me.

2. If you could tell your younger writing self anything, what would it be?
Keep at it! I never realized I’d be able to actually earn an income doing this, so it wasn’t my priority in my earlier years. I wish I’d really given self publishing a chance earlier!

3. What book do you feel is under-appreciated? How about overrated?
I’m gonna have to say I think Hunger Games is a bit overrated. Don’t get me wrong, the premise is really interesting, but I always felt the Capital went about dominating the districts all wrong. You see when you really want to crush a people…ahhhh and the most under appreciated would be my favourite author, David Gemmell 😉
4. Favorite childhood memory involving books?
Reading the sixth Harry Potter book on holiday with my family in Fiji. Was such a tranquil time and such a good book, can’t remember ever being that excited about a new book.

6. What fantastical fictional world would you want to live in (if any) given the chance?
Hmmm the fantasy ones are all pretty brutal aren’t they? Think I’d have to go with Harry Potter, so long as I was a wizard anyway. The others have rather too high a chance of having your head cut off I think.

7. Did you want to be an author when you grew up?
Yes! I just didn’t think I’d have the time until I retired!

8. If you had to describe yourself in three words, what would they be?
Traveler, writer, scientist

9. What is your most unusual writing quirk?
I have to sit in a café with a cappuccino (which I still can’t spell) and my headphones in listening to my music to be productive.

10. What’s one movie you like recommending to others?
I just reconnected with the movie ‘Accepted’ recently, was a favourite with my friends and I back at university. It’s a great laugh.

11. If you could own any animal as a pet, what would it be?
Can I have wings instead? I hate heights but feel like I’d be a whole lot less frightened of them if I couldn’t fall!

12. Have you ever met anyone famous?
I got to see Steve Irwin the crocodile hunter from afar once, but unfortunately not really!

Author Bio
Aaron Hodges was born in 1989 in the small town of Whakatane, New Zealand. He studied for five years at the University of Auckland, completing a Bachelor’s of Science in Biology and Geography, and a Masters of Environmental Engineering. After working as an environmental consultant for two years, he grew tired of office work and decided to quit his job and explore the world. During his travels he picked up an old draft of a novel he once wrote in High School (titled The Sword of Light) and began to rewrite the story. Six months later he published his first novel, Stormwielder, and hasn't looked back since.

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