Thursday, July 16, 2020

What is the Holdup? by George Wrighster - Book Blitz

Non Fiction
Date Published:  7/16/20

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 I want to awaken your passion and nudge you enough to cause you to
move and not be satisfied with where you are or with what you are doing.
Every minute you let your dreams lie dormant, it’s possible you are
slowing down the evolution of someone else's dreams. There is greatness in
you. I want you to see how amazing you are and how you will be every day
after you unleash the potential and talent within. You will discover your
purpose, vision, and the power to release both of those components in your
You should expect never to be the same as you read through this book. I
strongly suggest journaling your thoughts to help you create a road map to
your success. The journal helps maintain your focus as well as helps you
keep track of memorable moments you have created. When times get rough,
people tend to forget their successes. The journal will help you track and
recall those moments, providing strength that will keep you moving forward.

About the Author

 George was born in Memphis; Tn. George’s parents were
hard-working blue-collar people. George was the second born of four
children, two sister and a brother. George is a loving husband and father.
His wife Cassandra of 40 years has been the love of his and his soulmate.
George and Cassandra extended their family by having three amazing children
the eldest being George III, and his two daughters Mariama and Ayana.
George’s family continues to grow and now he also has six
grandchildren. After graduating High School, he went on to receive to
degrees, one in Criminal Justice and the other in Business Management.

Among other things George has been involved establishing three
companies.  George established Soaring Eagle International robotics
service company, a Bakery Violet’s cakes, and a non-profit sports
organization that has helped hundreds of children throughout the world with
after school studies. George has sat on the Board that oversees the sport
complex owned by the federal government which allows children in the
community to have a place to play safely.

George has been unstoppable in his commitment to serve the community
working with the LA Unified School District, and Recreational Programs over
the past fifteen years. George has been unwavering in his efforts help
others build confidence, increase self-steam, business owner grows their
business, management manage employees more efficiently, and expand their
goals and expectations by speaking and coaching in corporate America, and
the community.

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