Friday, July 10, 2020

Winter of the Wolf by Martha Hunt Handler - Guest Blogger Book Review


A tragic mystery blending sleuthing and spirituality

​An exploration in grief, suicide, spiritualism, and Inuit culture, Winter of the Wolf follows Bean, an empathic and spiritually evolved fifteen-year-old, who is determined to unravel the mystery of her brother Sam’s death. Though all evidence points to a suicide, her heart and intuition compel her to dig deeper. With help from her friend Julie, they retrace Sam’s steps, delve into his Inuit beliefs, and reconnect with their spiritual beliefs to uncover clues beyond material understanding. 

Both tragic and heartwarming, this twisting novel draws you into Bean's world as she struggles with grief, navigates high school dramas, and learns to open her heart in order to see the true nature of the people around her. Winter of the Wolf is about seeking the truth—no matter how painful—in order to see the full picture.

In this novel, environmentalist and award-winning author, Martha Handler, brings together two important pieces of her life—the death of her best friend’s son and her work as president of the Wolf Conservation Center—to tell an empathetic and powerful story with undeniable messages. 

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Jennifer's Review
Winter of the Wolf was a great book to read. I enjoyed it. 
It's about a girl named Bean and her family who are close. One day something happens, and one of her brothers gets in serious trouble after doing his sister a favor. He gets grounded. He is very angry and he does something after his friend tells him about it and gives him the item to do it. 
His parents soon find him and are devastated, and so are the other brothers and Bean. 
She soon decides to find out, with the help of her friend, who or what happened to her brother. What she finds out is shocking, to say the least. 
A very good book. 
4 stars.

Author Bio
Martha Hunt Handler grew up dreaming of wolves and has always understood that her role in this lifetime is to tell stories and be a voice for nature. She has been an environmental consultant, a magazine columnist, an actress, and a polar explorer, among other occupations. When she and her four children relocated from Los Angeles to New York more than twenty years ago she began to literally hear the howls of wolves. This marked the beginning of her work advocating on behalf of wolves at the Wolf Conservation Center ( Winter of the Wolf is Martha's debut novel.

You can learn more about her at or follow her on facebook at Martha Hunt Handler or on Instagram at @marthahunthandler. 

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