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Women of Color in Tech by Susanne Tedrick - Book Tour + Giveaway

Join us for this tour from June 22 to July 10, 2020!

Book Details:

Book Title:  Women of Color in Tech: A Blueprint for Inspiring and Mentoring the Next Generation of Technology Innovators by Susanne Tedrick

Category:  Adult Non-Fiction, 18 yrs +, 288 pages

Genre:  Business, Careers, Technology

Publisher:  Wiley

Release date:   April, 2020

Tour dates: June 22 to July 10, 2020

Content Rating:  PG.

Book Description:

Tech industry jobs are growing fast, offering great pay, career growth and
learning opportunities. Women of color, sadly, have not been able to
fully participate in this boom. There are many misconceptions about the
tech industry. Misconceptions can often discourage women of color from
pursuing or remaining in technical careers. For example, misconceptions
like “tech careers are all about coding ”or “there’s no diversity in tech.”

In reality, tech career opportunities can be diverse,
fun, and incredibly dynamic. While there are barriers to overcome, Women
of Color in Tech is an indispensable resource for building a rewarding
future in tech. Packed with inspiring stories and practical advice, this
book shows you how to uncover the resources you need to succeed.

This practical guide will help you develop the blend of knowledge and skills
needed for getting into tech—and staying there. Author Susanne Tedrick
understands that, for a variety of reasons, young women of color are
underrepresented in tech and may not have access to strong support
networks or resources to be successful. Using her own experiences
transitioning into tech, Susanne offers you real-world guidance on
finding knowledgeable mentors, learning the latest industry trends,
cultivating strong relationships and more.

If you’re thinking about going into tech, or you want to take your current career to the
next level, Women of Color in Tech will help you build a blueprint for a successful career.

• Understand the reality of tech today, not misconceptions.
• Learn about the different tech jobs and opportunities that exist, not just coding.
Gain an understanding of emerging technology areas that will affect
jobs, like artificial intelligence, Blockchain and cloud computing.
• Discover traditional and non-traditional education option to get the skills you need.
• Find mentors, build your professional network and get the guidance you need.
• Stay motivated and deal with difficult situations.
• Recognize the importance of giving back to increase diversity and inclusion. 

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Guest Post
How I Became the Author of Women of Color in Tech
By Susanne Tedrick

My journey to becoming an author was, perhaps, different than most. I hadn’t planned on writing a book, and the extent of my writing was mostly in business and academic environments.

How Women of Color in Tech came to be had an interesting genesis. Around 5 years ago, I had decided to pursue a career change into a field that I was always interested in – technology. At the time, I knew I had the interest, but had no clue of what a tech career actually meant. I also had no formal information technology training or experience. Thus, a long journey of skill building, trial and error and self-discovery began. I went back to school, did internships, volunteer work, hackathons, boot camps – you name it – all to build my skills, my understanding of where my place was in the tech industry and to help whoever I could in the process. It was through this work that I was able to land an internship and then a full-time job with IBM.

At the end of 2018, I had received the Rising Star of the Year Award from CompTIA, a well-respected technical organization. I did an interview for their magazine, which was then read by an acquisitions editor at Wiley. The editor reached out to me via LinkedIn and asked if I had any interest in writing a book to inspire other women of color to pursue tech careers based on my experiences.

I thought two things. First, there’s no way this can be true! While I don’t make my living as a writer or work in publishing, I know that receiving a book deal through a traditional publisher is no easy feat. Second, if this was real, do I have what it takes to help others? I reached out to the editor, and we talked through my experiences, what I’d like for the book to do and on areas that I knew I needed help with. We worked through every together, and by April 2019, a deal was in place.

Writing Women of Color in Tech was a steep learning curve for me in terms of understanding my writing process, understanding publishing and working through my own challenges as a woman of color in a field still trying to increase diversity and inclusion. But I am proud and thankful to have had this unique privilege to help others.

Meet the Author:
Susanne Tedrick is a technical specialist for a Fortune 50 technology company.
Fiercely committed to increasing participation of women and people of
color in STEM educational and professional opportunities, she is a
career mentor for the Pathways in Technology Early College High School
(P-TECH) Initiative and a volunteer workshop technical assistant for
Black Girls Code, a nonprofit that empowers girls of color to develop
in-demand IT skills and prepare for careers in tech. Susanne was awarded
the 2018 CompTIA AITP Rising Star of the Year Award, and nominated for
the 2019 CompTIA Advancing Women in Technology Mentorship Guide Award,
for her dedication to advancing her career and that of others. Views
expressed are those of author Susanne Tedrick and are not endorsed by
any of her current or former employers.

Connect with the author: Website  ~  Twitter  ~  Facebook  ~  Instagram ~ Goodreads

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