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A Whirl With MyMocha-Chocolate Swirl by Dalia Dupris - Book Teaser

Contemporary Romance
Date Published: September 9, 2020
Publisher: The Wild Rose Press

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Rebecca Layton returns to her beachside hometown of Sunnyville, California,
determined to explore the possibility of rekindling her past relationship
with the love of her life, Raymond Colton. She's devastated to discover that
he has moved on and is now engaged.
Raymond Colton harbors resentment towards Rebecca for abandoning him to
pursue her dreams of life in the big city. Now she's back and more beautiful
than ever. But Raymond's heart has been broken more than once and risking
more heartache with Rebecca isn't a gamble he's willing to take.
When Rebecca agrees to use her marketing expertise to help Raymond's father
salvage his failing family business--Colton's Ice Creamery--she and Raymond
are thrown together, and old flames are ignited. Can they heal the wounds
from their past and embrace the possibility of a brighter tomorrow?

 “Raymond has returned and is now standing silhouetted in the
door like some Egyptian pharaoh, his perfect physique clearly outlined
before he steps into the office with a pizza box.

    “Woman, don’t you ever take a

    “Not always.” I stand and massage the ache I
feel in my lower back from sitting too

“My back and shoulders let
me know when it’s time to stop.”

    “Here, let me help with that.” Clearing the
desk, he sets the box down. Turning me around, he massages my tense
shoulders. “I don’t want you falling apart when we’re just
getting started. I’ve got to take care of the talent.”

   “Thanks, that really hits the spot.” I should stop
him, but I stay silent as his strong hands remove the tension from my
shoulders. I’ve missed his touch, but as good as it feels, I force
myself to turn around and break the contact. This is an even bigger mistake
because now we are standing close enough to kiss.”

 About the Author

After years of not pursuing my writing dreams, I decided it was time to stop
sitting on the sidelines of my publishing aspirations. In 2019, I contracted
with The Wild Rose Press for a three book series, California Hearts. The
release date for my debut novel, Orange Blossoms-Love Blooms, is October 19,
2020. My novella, A Whirl With My Mocha Chocolate Swirl is part of The Wild
Rose Press’ s One Scoop or Two series and will be released in
September 9, 2020.

I write contemporary romance and women’s fiction with emotion-driven
characters and unexpected plot twists and turns. The character’s
journeys are layered with heart and soul and reflect the diversity of the
world around me. My stories center around love, familoes, friendships,
following your passion, second chances and overcoming obstacles.

 When I’m not busy plotting my next novel, you will find me bike riding
along one of Southern, California’s scenic beaches with my husband or
discussing love, life and the mysteries of the universe with my daughter.

Contact Links
Twitter: @dalia_dupris
Pinterest: Dalia Dupris

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