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Distant Thunder by Lilli Carlisle - Book Tour + Giveaway

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Distant Thunder

Gods and Thunder

Book One

Lilli Carlisle

Genre: Paranormal/Fantasy Romance

Publisher: Boroughs Publishing Group
Date of Publication: July 6, 2020
ISBN: 978-1-951055-86-8
Word Count: 41030

Tagline: The gods who protect the
world know evil is coming, and it can't wait to show itself - vainglorious in
its efforts, it will make itself known soon

Book Description:


Punished and shamed, the divine
mother of nature, the goddess Net, was stripped of her powers and made mortal.
Were it not for the shifter god, Fenrir, she wouldn’t have a home or
protection, and with evil rising in all the realms, she is more than vulnerable,
she’s a target.

For Fenrir, protecting Net is
more than a favor, it’s a way to ensure she will not lose her life on his
watch. As threats become a real and present danger, he is forced to admit his
long-hidden feelings and intends to make Net his forever, if she will have him.

The Gods and Thunder series is a spin-off of
the Black Ridge Wolf Pack Series

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Net stood,
admired her handiwork, and smiled. She may not have her powers back yet, but
she could plant flowers instead of using her magic to bring them to life. She
enjoyed doing this. Getting her hands dirty, connecting with the earth in a way
she hadn’t felt before when she willed things into existence.

It had been many
months since the judgment, and she was still settling into her new home. Net
was under house arrest at the shifter god Fenrir’s home. He was seldom here,
leaving her lonely, yet giving her time for introspection. Without her powers,
Net was vulnerable to attack from not only the demon population, who would love
nothing better than to pick off a goddess, but the other gods as well. Some
gods were known to be petty, quickly taking offense over any little thing. As
was the way with most politics, an individual was never really sure a god was
gunning for them until it was too late.

Typically, when
she had her powers, Net had no fear of her brethren. She shared their strength,
immortality, and she had her unique magic. At full power, Net wasn’t an easy

Fortunately, for
now, things had been quiet. Fenrir’s protection spells held, and no one had
tried to attack her. She would be happy if she made it through her punishment
unscathed. She had to admit, she missed her connection to the greater natural
world. As the goddess of the forests and the plants, divine mother of nature,
she used to be able to feel the ebb and flow of every being big or small,
animal or plant. Now, in a world without her powers, things quieted in her mind
and body in a way that made her feel she’d lost what made her Net. Yet, at the
same time, the narrowness of her existence made her appreciate every little
thing. She scanned the front yard of her new home, and prison of sorts, pleased
that the rows of flower beds overflowed with blooms of every color and size.
Net wasn’t sure what she’d do with herself once she’d completed the planting.
Perhaps she should plant a few vegetables and add fruit trees to the mix. Even
strawberries would serve her well. She loved the sweet fruit. It wasn’t as
though Fenrir’s home was a hovel. Quite the opposite. The large cottage was set
in a glorious forest, keeping her in touch with her core strengths, and giving
her lots of space to roam. She picked up her small shovel and watering bucket,
deciding that the last flower bed had been enough for today. She stowed the
implements in the little shed and was on her way back to the house when an
alarm sounded.

The first of
Fenrir’s defenses were under attack. Fates. Another alarm sounded, and she
began running for the safety of the cottage where protection was the strongest.
She had barely stepped over the threshold of the front door when the third and
last alarm sounded. She’d tempted fate to have thought about the quiet and
calm. She felt somehow she’d sent out a challenge. When would she learn to keep
her thoughts to herself?

She bolted the
door, sealing the last spell in place. Fenrir was going to be angry someone
messed with his home. The inside of the cottage held an iridescence, which
covered the exterior walls, doors, and windows, a visual confirmation the
protection spell was in place and holding.

“Sister. Won’t
you come out to play?” a familiar voice yelled from the front yard. It couldn’t
be. Net went to the window to make sure she wasn’t losing her mind and gasped
as Vengier waved at her from his perch in the center of one of her new flower
beds. He stood in what was left of her plants. So like him to destroy every
beautiful thing in his path. The former god of beauty was too vindictive to
allow anything that held promise, hope, or abundance exist around him.

Taking a closer
look, she had to say Vengier wasn’t looking himself, unless he was going for
the zombie version of the god of beauty. Perhaps it was his vile nature finally
showing through, much like the human story The Portrait of Dorian Gray, with
one not-so-small difference: Vengier was dead.

About the Author:

Lilli Carlisle lives in the country near Toronto, Canada. She is the mother of two
wonderful girls, wife to an amazing man, and servant to the pets in her life,
and she’s a member of Toronto Romance Writers. Lilli writes paranormal/fantasy
romance, and believes love should be celebrated and shared. After all,
everybody needs a little romance, excitement, intrigue, and passion in their


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