Tuesday, August 4, 2020

Her Second Chance Cowboy by Makenna Lee - Book Tour


Makenna Lee

Contemporary Romance

Wealthy cowboy, James MacLachlan, is content running his massive
family ranch and starting an equine therapy program for special needs
children. After his mother died in childbirth, and witnessing his
father’s destruction at the loss of true love, James sticks to casual
affairs. Marriage and children are risks he won’t take.

Reese Turner visits Cypress Creek, Texas, to complete a photo
assignment for National Geographic and buy back her grandparents’
cottage. After disastrous romances, she’s sworn off men to focus on her
career. Marriage and the babies she longs for can wait. When she runs
into an old flame, she decides she can live out a fantasy, then leave
town to pursue her dreams. But love doesn’t play by the rules…


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Entangled Pub https://bit.ly/3dCDZRT

She opened the driver’s
side door, then turned to tell him good night. “Thanks for dinner.” Was that
her voice sounding all breathy and wanton?
“You’re welcome. If you
come out first thing in the morning, we can get an early start and go for a
ride. And work on my great-great-grandfather’s mystery.”
“I like that idea.” Get in, Reese. Drive away. Instead, she
brushed a leaf from his shoulder.
His full lips lowered to
the corner of her mouth. The caress was gentle. Brief.
The simple, innocent kiss
hit a switch inside her. One that hadn’t been tripped since their last kiss, over
eleven years ago. One that other men had not managed to tap into. Her entire
body warmed, sparking a shiver and a desire to stay, but she needed tonight to
gather herself.

This was her chance to stay in the cottage and convince him she could
take care of it. Not the start of a summer romance.
But could she manage a temporary romantic reunion?

Makenna Lee is an award-winning romance author living in the Texas
Hill Country with her real-life hero and their two children. Her oldest
son has Down syndrome and taught her to appreciate the little things,
and he inspired one of her novels. As a child, she played in the woods,
looked for fairies under toadstools, and daydreamed. Her writing journey
began when she mentioned all her story ideas, and her husband asked why
she wasn’t writing them down. The next day she bought a laptop, started
her first book, and knew she’d found her passion. Makenna is often
drinking coffee while writing, reading, or plotting a new story. Her
wish is to write books that touch your heart, making you feel, think,
and dream. She enjoys renaissance festivals, nature photography,
studying herbal medicine, and usually listens to Celtic music while
writing. She writes for Entangled Publishing and Harlequin and believes
everyone deserves a happy ending.



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