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Book Details:

Book Title: Legacy of Secrets by Helen Starbuck

Category:  Adult Fiction, 243 pages

Genre Romantic Suspense

Publisher Routt Street Press

Release date:  March 2020

Content Rating: R for two explicit sex scenes, bad language, mild violence.

Book Description:

Other families pass down their stories, Kate Earnshaw’s family’s
secrets disappear from one generation to the next. Kate Earnshaw's
father's suicide has left many unanswered questions. In handling his
estate she wonders if she ever really knew him. He never explained why
he let his childhood home in Eastern Colorado fall into ruin or why he'd
kept the property a secret. And he never told Kate about his close
friendship with Evan Hastings, the handsome and somewhat puzzling man
who lives on the property near the abandoned house. Evan seems to have
as many secrets as her father and knows more about him than Kate did.
But there’s something about Evan that calls her back to her father’s
home. Something that threatens to unearth more than the past. Legacy of
Secrets explores family secrets, a daughter's grief and her search for
answers, and a chance for love.

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Author Interview
What got you started writing?
An avid reader since grade school, I can’t imagine not being able to read. It was the love of reading that made me want to write. My father is responsible for my love of stories. Every night before bed he would tell my sisters and me a story about his life. “Tell us a story, Daddy!” was a nightly request. Now I like to tell stories, primarily romantic suspense and mysteries.

Talk about the setting for your book and why you chose it.
I grew up in Colorado and my books all take place here. It’s a setting I’m intimately familiar with and it’s easy for me to write about it. Legacy of Secrets is set on the Eastern plains of Colorado, which is primarily ranching and farming country. Ardwell, the town where the story takes place, is a figment of my imagination, but representative of many small towns in Colorado. It’s the location of the Earnshaw’s abandoned family home and holds the key to Kate Earnshaw’s search for answers to her father’s life and his suicide.
What was the inspiration for your book?
Legacy of Secrets is the result of a writing seminar where the presenter asked participants to choose a photo of an iconic painting that spoke to him or her and write for fifteen minutes. I chose one that showed an old house sitting in the midst of a field of overgrown grass. That house became the abandoned Earnshaw family’s home, which figures prominently in the story about a father with many secrets and a grieving daughter who must discover them.

If you could be one of your characters, who would it be?
I loved creating Ida Steuben, the elderly woman that Evan Hastings, Kate’s love interest, talks to about the Earnshaw family. I wrote her as someone I’d like to be in my nineties. I think she’s a hoot, still spry and witty and a woman who can appreciate a handsome man like Evan. As she says, “Give me a hug and a kiss on the cheek, boy, so I can say a good-looking man’s still willing to do that.”
What’s your next project?

My next book is, Finding Alex, a romantic suspense novel set in Denver. In it a woman who has been assaulted, left for dead, and is amnesic may be the only surviving victim of a killer who’s targeting prostitutes and leaving their bodies without fingertips to complicate their identification. She has her fingertips, but Denver homicide detective Blake Halloran must try to identify her and hope her memory returns so he can find the killer. I think readers will enjoy it.

 Meet the Author:
Helen Starbuck is a Colorado native, former OR nurse, and
award-winning author of the standalone romantic suspense novel Legacy of
Secrets, and the Annie Collins Mystery Series. She loves mysteries,
suspense, romance, and any book that is well written. She’s a huge fan
of books with independent, strong, women characters and, as Neil Gaiman
says, “…stories where women save themselves.”

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