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New Year by Sea Caummisar - Audio Book Tour

Author: Sea Caummisar

Narrator: Ronald Young

Length: 3 hours and 3 minutes

Series: Games, Book 1

Publisher: Sharon Cheatham

Released: June 6, 2020

Genre: Horror

After being abducted on the New Year, Sara, Angel, and Amanda are forced by a masked stranger to play games. Losing the game or breaking the rules results in punishments. Painful punishments, either inflicted to oneself or by their friends. The masked stranger tells them there will only be one winner, and the prize is life.

Warning: 18+. Not for kids. This is a violent book. It starts out with a little bit of gore, and ends with a whole bunch of gore.
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Enter the dark mind of Sea Caummisar.

Warning: I love anything involving torture, blood, guts and gore.

I'm not only a writer. I'm also an avid reader.

My books are not for the faint of heart or people who are squeamish.

I love all things horror. Especially b class horror.

I love hearing from my readers!!!

PS... If you don't like extreme horror, you probably won't like my work.
How Closely do you prefer to work with authors? Sea Caummisar is the only author that I am currently working with,we are friends on Facebook,and we have  colaberated throughout this series.
Have there been any characters that you have connected with?Donny,then later in book 5, Rick.
Who are your "accent insperations"?The late great Robin Williams and Jim Carrey.
What skill/tool helped you when first getting started?Youtube.
What do you say to those who view  listening to audiobooks as" cheating" or as"inferior to real reading"?Most people have trouble retaining  or remembering written words,my sister is one of those.She is amazed that I can tell everything about a book that I've read.But most books,here lately, have been ones that I have recorded.So if reading aloud helps you retain more of the book that you read, then listening has the same effect.
How did you decide what each character should sound like?For me it's a feeling I get from the authors description about the character,calm,confident,etc.
What about this title that compelled you to audition?I actually auditioned for another title from the author,when I finished that audiobook she asked if I would be interested in more work.Of course I said yes.
How does audiobook narration differ from other voice over work you have done?The length of course,and different character voices.It takes more concentration for audiobooks,it is more time consuming,due to the narrating, editing,proof listening,and the final mastering.
Who is your "Dream Author" you would like to record for?Only one? Well it would have to be ......Stephen King.
What bits of advice would you give aspiring audiobook narrators?A good studio Microphone,I use an AKG P120. A recording software, Audacity is free and works great.A quiet space to record with very little room echo. Be persistent,I put in a few auditions before I got my first book.Check out Youtube search for " Audiobook Narration".
Bonus question: Any funny anectdotes from inside the recording studio?Passing gas while recording....and the mic picked it up. I laughed so hard at myself it took a good five minutes before I could rerecord that last sentence. Embarrasing but it does happen!

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