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The Jolly Bupbup by Ann P. Borrmann - Book Review

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The Bupbup is small and jolly and has lived all her life in the wood field. But a dreadful thing happens there and the jolly Bupbup goes on an unexpected adventure. Lots of things always happen in the wood field.

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My Review
The Jolly Bupbup is an adorable children's book that starts off with a fun rhyme about Twinkles, then starts telling us about a little girl known as The Jolly Bupbup. She lives in a little red house on the edge of the wood field with a black cat and a yellow cat. The Jolly Bupbup is always jolly, until one day when something dreadful happens. What could possibly make the Jolly Bupbup lose her jolly? And will she ever get it back? You'll have to read the story and find out.
This was such a cute, fun read. I sat with my 5-year old son and read it with him. He enjoyed looking at the illustrations, which are engaging and really well done. He also enjoyed the overall story. He laughed about splashing in puddles, and about the cats peeking from the windows in the house. It's truly a book we will be reading over and over again.
If you're a parent with a young reader, definitely give The Jolly Bupbup a whirl. I highly recommend it.
5 stars!

Author Bio
Ann Borrmann and her husband, Mark, currently live in a small town not too far from the wood field described in her children's book, The Jolly Bupbup. She is the mother of four grown children and all her diligence has paid off as she now gets to be a grandmother. She enjoys indulging in her hobby, writing with a good cup of tea, and she hopes that her books will entertain the imagination of many little readers and story lovers.

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  1. Thank you Jasmine for the wonderful review. I appreciated hearing a child's point of view as well!


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