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The Pantheon Prophecy by A. Maureen Burns - Book Tour + Giveaway

The Pantheon Prophecy
A. Maureen Burns
Publication date: January 20th 2020
Genres: Adult, Fantasy

We live in a world where demigods , gods, and Ancients from the Pantheon are sworn to protect humanity. So when an exiled member of the Pantheon decides to kill everyone on earth, a demigod knight is given the mission to stop it with the help of a human.
28 year old book store owner, Elspeth, is about to find out she’s a natural born witch when she’s approached by the immortal knight in charge of protecting her.
Luka has been offered ascension into the Pantheon as a god if he completes his mission and stops the moon from colliding with the earth but his charge doesn’t truly know the first thing about her gift of mind-reading or anything about her rightful place within the Pantheon.
Everyone on the planet will die if Elspeth and Luka can’t find a way to trust in their own abilities and work together despite their growing attraction for each other.

The three women approached the first door and it had Elspeth's name on it. It was a large set of double wooden doors and a smaller door built into it. Charlotte opened the door and walked in first and looked around before waving them in. "Come on in."
Elspeth looked around and took in the grand size of the room. The bed was situated in a cabinet in the corner and next to it was a wood-burning stove. There were chairs around a table and bookcases filled with books. She walked over and it contained many of her favorite books and some she had always wanted to read. There were three wardrobes at the other end and each had carvings on the front.
Fiona walked over to them. "We might be able to find something suitable for you to wear to bed in here."
Charlotte opened a door off to the side and whistled. "Holy hell girls! Come and check out this bathroom."
Elspeth and Fiona scooted over to Charlotte and they all gawked at the sight. Marble covered the room from floor to ceiling and in a large steam shower, a soaking bathtub, two sinks, and shelves of soaps and lotions. Right between the shower and bathtub was a heated towel rack.
"Ohmigawd, I'm going to take a shower right now and get the gunk of today off of me." She started stripping then looked back at Fiona. "Can you find something for me to wear."
She nodded and then they closed the door and left her in privacy. It didn't take long and she had picked out some soaps and lotions before she stepped into the hot stream of water. Lord but it felt good to have that water warming her up. Maybe if she stood there long enough the day would slip away down the drain and she would wake up refreshed and ready to go to work.
After the water heated her up, the exhaustion started to take hold again so she wrapped up in a towel and went back into the room. Both Fiona and Charlotte were still staring into a wardrobe.
"What are you doing? Couldn't you find anything for me to wear?"
Charlotte cleared her throat. "You could say that." She crooked her finger and invited Elspeth to look.
Inside, the wardrobe was softly lit and showcased clothes in the colors of green, black, and brown. A heavenly smell of different herbs hit her nose and filled her lungs. "What's that fragrance?"
Charlotte nodded. "I know. We smelled it too. I can make out lavender and fennel but there's more. It smells fantastic and honestly, it smells like something you should be wearing."
Fiona nodded and pulled out a pale green linen dressing gown. "I think you're supposed to wear this to bed." They all admired the embroidery of herbs on the neckline before Elspeth slipped it over her head.
"It's gorgeous." It felt soft and comforting on her skin. Charlotte pulled out a robe that was on a hook and offered it to Elspeth. She snuggled into it and tied the wrap. She covered the big yawn that had escaped and a large smile crossed her face.
"I am so worried for Missy and Bo but that bed over there looks so inviting." She walked over to it. The woodstove had been burning for some time and had warmed the bed cabinet just enough to be comfortable but not stuffy. Could the room get any better?
Fiona tucked her in and kissed her forehead. "We'll be in those chairs over there watching over you." She pointed to a few chairs that were facing each other near the bookcases.
Elspeth could barely get out a nod and she was asleep.

Author Bio:
Maureen is an Air Force vet and world traveler. When she’s not hanging out with family, friends, and a menagerie of family pets, she’s dabbling in photography. Reading and writing have been a part of her life for just over three decades and there doesn’t seem to be an end in sight. This is great because this world-creator has dozens of souls living in her head that are waiting to be written down and shared with the world.




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