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The Two Lives of Maddie Meadows by Sharley Scott - Book Tour

The Two Lives Of Maddie Meadows
Maddie Meadows adores her family and loves her work. But she has good reason to keep them separate.

For single mum Maddie, home is a flat on a run-down estate. And family consists of an excitable toddler, a lonely Dad and a younger brother mired in a love triangle.

Meanwhile, professional Madeleine balances a tricky day job, made worse by a jealous colleague. No one at work knows about her other life, and she needs to keep it this way: one of the bosses has made his feelings very clear about single parents and the people on her estate.

Thank goodness for her fun-loving and loyal friends - although Maddie wishes they’d believe her when she insists she has no time for love. Or so she tells herself as she fights to quell her hidden feelings for her gorgeous colleague, Oliver, who comes from the posh part of town.

When her friends line up their ideal man for her – Sean, more beanstalk than Bean – Maddie wishes she’d told them the truth. It’s hard enough juggling two lives. But, with all the added complications, how long will be it be before Maddie’s carefully created world comes crashing down?

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By day, Madeleine Meadows wears suits and ensures that her professionalism shines. But after work, Maddie Meadows is mum to an excitable toddler and lives in a block of flats on a council estate. When her long-standing friends, Leah and Rachel, visit she realises that nosiness has its downsides when Leah is around.
I had the best friends – ones who would give up a Friday night on the town so I had a bit of company. Not that I stayed in every night. From now on, I’d be going out a lot more for work, and I saw Dad at least one evening a week and on Saturday mornings, and I went around friends’ houses. A single parent with little spare cash couldn’t wish for more.

“Now, about that Jenga.” Rachel went out to get the carrier bag she’d left in the hallway. She pointed towards the front door. “Something’s happening outside.”
A blue glow flashed through the glass – either the police or an ambulance. I followed Rachel through to the kitchen, where she switched off the light. The flashing lights coming from the road below transformed the white appliances and the teeth of the dinosaurs guarding the biscuit tin from dark to a luminous blue. We hoisted ourselves onto the worktop and lifted the net curtain over our heads, cupping our hands around our faces to peer out. The edge of the draining board poked into my knee so I shifted along, squashing myself against Rachel.
“It looks like your neighbour.” Rachel pressed her face closer to the window. Her skin was a strange hue in the gloom, her eyes reflecting the scene playing out beside us.
Two policemen stood feet away on the balcony, their backs to us, while a policewoman came towards them talking into her radio. Snatches of words filtered through the glass, but I had no idea what was taking place. Another police car appeared in the car park below, its lights flashing – but no siren, thank goodness. I didn’t need them to wake Josh. It had been hard enough getting him to sleep earlier. Upstairs, the toilet flushed. I rolled my eyes. Usually, it wouldn’t be a bother but it added to the commotion outside. I couldn’t believe Josh hadn’t woken yet.
“What d’you think is going on?” Rachel whispered.
My neighbour appeared to our left, writhing and squirming, a policeman gripping his tattooed arms. Suddenly, light flooded the kitchen and, like a flash photograph, the scene became imprinted in my mind. My neighbour’s angry gaze collided with mine. Our eyes couldn’t have met for more than a second before they dragged him away, wearing a vest and jogging bottoms, but it felt like minutes. What would he say the next time he bumped into me? Frantically, I tugged the net down, even though it was too late.
“Turn off that sodding light!” I hissed.
“Wha…?” Leah’s mouth gaped open.
“Turn. It. Off!” Rachel jabbed her finger towards the switch.
Plunged back into darkness, Rachel and I knelt in shamefaced silence until we heard the rattle of the front door opening. A chill breeze swept into the room. I hadn’t noticed Leah leave the kitchen.
“What’s she doing now?” Sounding irritated, Rachel slipped down from the side and hurried out to investigate.

Author Bio –
Sharley Scott is the author of the 'Devon Seaside Guesthouse' novels - Bedlam & Breakfast and B&Bers Behaving Madly.
Her latest book 'The Two Lives of Maddie Meadows' is being published in early July 2020. The second in the series 'The Gift of a Rose' will be available in the autumn.
Sharley is a guesthouse owner in South Devon. She is thankful to have been blessed with lots of amazing and kind-hearted guests, who are nothing like some of the characters featured in the Devon Seaside Guesthouse series.
The Two Lives of Maddie Meadows is a fictional account, but Sharley has never forgotten how interesting life can be with a toddler. Some of the mischief Josh gets up to will be familiar to all parents. Sharley has carried out the threats she made to her son decades ago and now embarrasses him by telling tales to his girlfriend, although he gets her back by recounting stories about his mum.

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