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The Unburned Island by Auden Johnson - Book Tour + Giveaway

The Unburned Island

Other Investigator Series

Book One

Auden Johnson

Genre: Dark Fantasy Horror
Publisher: Aubey LLC

Date of Publication: April 2017

ISBN: 9780996423427


Number of pages: 148 pages

Word Count: 30,000

Cover Artist: Auden Johnson

Tagline: A haunted island. An unusual demon. Can this team of magical investigators solve the mystery of the Unburned Island? 

Book Description:
The entire island was on fire yet only one schoolhouse burned. Everyone disappeared. Several tried taking it over but were never successful. People no longer talk about Unburned Island. It was left to rot.

Years later, Kiran, En, and a team of magical investigators travel to the island to banish whatever haunts an old building. With En acting strange, they knew this wouldn't be a simple job. Kiran develops a second ability, making their investigation both easier and harder.

 It takes them no time to realize the building isn't the problem. The island is. They never anticipated the terrible secrets hidden within the school’s campus. Maybe some of the residents deserved their fate.

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Excerpt 2:

She needed to
see what was behind that door but didn’t want to get lost. She slipped her hand
into someone’s. En’s. She walked. En didn’t stop her. No one objected.

Dark emotions
fought inside her. She wanted to hide, kill someone and cry all at once.

They were at the
door. Kiran remembered moving but she couldn’t recall getting closer. The air
was mud. Heat flashed across her skin. Her arms itched. She scratched and
scratched but the itch returned.

The door was
different than the others, thicker. An imposing lock kept out unwanted people.
She didn’t want to go in there.

It was also
closed. Did the shadow come from here? Kiran remembered seeing it by an open
doorway. Did she hallucinate that? She was supposed to be here.

Kiran was a
puppet. Her will didn’t matter. The puppeteer wanted her in this room. She
pushed open the door. No one was objecting. It couldn’t be too dangerous.

Her flashlight
beam shone on stone steps.

She couldn’t
breathe. Hot and cold took turns assaulting her body. Kiran’s bones became
twigs. She couldn’t stop trembling. She didn’t want to go forward.

They climbed the

The room was
wide with a low ceiling. Protection circles covered the floor, walls and
ceiling. They were all wrong, drawn by a novice. Kiran used to make circles
like these when she was in school. They worked, but they didn’t do what you

A prickly hot
feeling settled in her chest. It built like water behind a blocked drain. It
screamed for release. A hand touched her. If she destroyed that hand, she’d
feel better.

She lunged at
the person only to grab air. She needed to see blood. They needed to feel her

“Kiran stop,”
the voice said.

Her body stopped
moving even though her mind demanded blood.

A coldness
replaced the hot feeling. Moving was pointless. Thinking was pointless. Each
breath was a painful chore. Death would end her torment. The window would save

Fingers brushed
her wet face. When did she start crying?

“Please explore
this place quickly,” En said beside her. “You can move now,” he whispered in
Kiran’s ear.

She sank to the
ground. En brushed his finger across her cheek. His touch eased the warring
emotions. She leaned into him. En always smelled like honey. Was it cologne? He
wouldn’t wear something so useless on a job. Maybe it was his soap. He smelled
like he’d taste delicious.

Where did that
thought come from? A spirit must’ve put that in her head. 

terrible happened here.” Kiran hadn’t meant to say that out loud.

Only negative
emotions lived in this room.

A soothing yet
prickly sensation brushed her hand. Kiran didn’t see anyone touching her hand
but it felt like it. She didn’t sense any spirits nearby. The sensation
stopped. Was that Jason? Why couldn’t she see or sense him?

“I think we
found why this building wasn’t burned down.” Sona clicked his tongue. “The one
place that deserved to be destroyed was unharmed.”

“I’ve seen
pictures of rooms like these,” En said. “Around the time humans realized Others
existed, they learned even their children could be born hosting a demonic
spirit. Children suspected of housing a demon were sent away to be cured. They
were tortured in places like these all in the name of purification.”

About the Author:

An artist at heart, Auden Johnson loves photography, graphic design, and writing beautifully dark stories. She has published 13 dark fantasy stories featuring diverse characters with powers and questionable morals. She enjoys taking her camera on a long hike and photographing the scenic views. Most of her landscape photos are on sale online. Auden has a Masters in Publishing: Digital and Print and a Masters in Information and Library Science. She lives in Brooklyn with her writing buddy Oreo.



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