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What a Prickly Pear by Tina Mowrey - Book Blitz

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Children's Picture Book
Date Published: August 25, 2020
Publisher: Clearfork

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Roxy and Stumpy, two clever raccoons, are known for their dumpster diving
abilities. Most mornings, their bellies are full and sleep comes easy. Until
one day, they aren't so lucky. Tired and hungry, Roxy and Stumpy meet a
handful of unique animal friends who eat prickly pear cactus. Yes, that's
right - CACTUS! Join the raccoons as they decide whether or not this spiny
food is worth the trouble.

About the Author

A transplant from Massachusetts, Tina lives in Austin, TX, where she was
introduced to the prickly pear cactus! Having been a singer/songwriter for
years, Tina decided to put pen to paper and try her hand at picture book
writing. It was much harder than expected, but she loves it. When she
isn’t writing picture books, Tina spends her time working as an 8th
grade language arts teacher and keeping up with her family of 4 humans &
5 pets!

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Instagram: tina.mowrey
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