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Angel Flight by R.D. Kardon - Book Tour + Giveaway

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Suspense Action Fiction/Women’s Action & Adventure/Women’s Fiction
Date Published: September 8, 2020
Publisher: Acorn Publishing LLC

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Two women. The men they love. One desperate plan.

Pilot Tris Miles is finally getting the recognition she deserves. She is a
trusted captain and confidante to her boss at Westin Charter Company, and
mentor to her young, ambitious co-pilot Bruce. Tris is offered a coveted
promotion and the opportunity of a lifetime—to fly a prestigious
“angel flight,” transporting a critically ill woman from a
remote town in northern Canada to the US for medical treatment.
But Tris needs more than professional success. Still alone almost three
years after her lover Bron’s death, Tris meets Mike, a local pilot
with a secret past he refuses to discuss. Their budding relationship
stumbles when Mike gets hired by Westin Charter to compete for the promotion
Tris was promised.
As Tris & Mike’s professional battle intensifies, their personal
relationship deepens.  Life is getting a whole lot more complicated for
Tris, and it’s about to get worse as the angel flight embarks. No one
could imagine what awaits them in Canada, and how each will have to fight
for their lives on this mission of mercy.

Love. Loyalty. Obsession. What propels YOU?

A BURLY TAXIDERMIED bear stood at the entrance to the Snake River Lodge. Reared up on its hind legs, teeth bared, it looked poised to devour anyone who walked past. Tris was not a fan of the wall-mounted moose heads in the lobby, or animal trophies generally, but she loved this bear. Something about his ferocious expression, paws raised and ready to shred an attacker, made her feel somehow shielded from the harsh winter environment. While she waited for Bruce, she reached up and petted its head.
It was cold. Tris eventually shoved both hands in their thin leather gloves deep into the pockets of her parka. Impatient to get going, she rocked back and forth on the heels of the red and black cowboy boots she had dusted off for this trip.
Tris was taking Bruce on the nickel tour of downtown Jackson before dinner. First, they’d hit the square and walk under the famous Antler Arch. They’d have a beer at the Million Dollar Cowboy Bar. Yes, she told him, they really had saddles instead of bar stools.
Her mobile phone rang. She didn’t recognize the number on the caller ID, but it might be their passengers with a flight update. While she was technically off-duty, she was on the road, and Woody paid for the phone, so she had to answer it.
“Hello. Tris Miles.”
“Tris? Hey, Tris. This is Mike. You know, from Heather and Bruce’s party? And, well, Lemaster, but I hate to lead with that.”
His voice had a sexy scratchy tone, like he’d just woken up. For a second, he sounded like Bron.
She held the phone closer to her ear. “Oh, hey. How are you? Where are you?”
“Actually, I’m on an overnight in Medford, Oregon. In a Royal.” First the location, then the equipment. Typical greeting among pilots.
She laughed. “Ah. Nice. But I think I can do you one better.”
“Oh yeah? How’s that? You in Miami or something?”
“Miami? I’ll never figure out people’s love affair with that place. No. Much, much better. Jackson Hole.”
A slight whistle accompanied his long exhale. “Wow. Where are you staying?”
“Snake River Lodge.”
“The one with the big bear?”
“Yep. I’m standing right next to him.” Tris leaned against her stiff furry friend and grabbed one of his extended paws.
“Tell him hello for me, would you?” The proverbial ice broken, Mike paused. At first Tris thought it was the connection.
“Yeah, I’m here. So, uh, Tris? Uh, are you around this weekend? Like, to possibly go out? With me? To do something?”
Tris squeezed the stuffed paw. “Love to. When?”
Moments later, after they’d set a date, Tris twirled around the arms of her static furry partner in an improvised Texas Two-Step.

About the Author

Award-winning author Robin "R.D." Kardon had a twelve-year flying
career as a corporate and airline pilot. She holds an Airline Transport
Pilot certificate and three Captain qualifications. Her travels took her all
over the world in every type of airplane from small single-engine Cessnas to
the Boeing 737. Robin earned her B.A. in Journalism and Sociology from NYU
and J.D. from American University, Washington College of Law. A native New
Yorker, Robin now lives in San Diego, California with her beloved rescue

Her first novel, Flygirl, a work of fiction inspired by her own aviation
experience, is Book #1 of The Flygirl Trilogy. It is a #1 Amazon Best

Angel Flight,  Book #2 of The Flygirl Trilogy, examines the personal
and professional pressures faced by Captain Tris Miles as she plans and
executes a critical "angel flight," designed to carry a critically
ill woman from a remote area in Canada to the US for medical treatment while
struggling with a new relationship.

To learn more about Robin, visit her website at www.rdkardonauthor.comRead
about Robin’s writing process and early influences on

For podcast appearances, visit and hear Robin's
interview on the Nan McKay Show and The Dear Discreet Guide podcast.

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  1. nice cover. I like the job the pilots are doing and the fact that it's a female. Thanks for the chance.

  2. Good evening, Robin. My question for you today is, would you like to see your book made into a movie and if so, who is in your dream cast?


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