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Falling by Chris Bruce - Book Blitz

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Falling by Chris Bruce @bruce_works15 @lovebooksgroup @lovebooksgroup #lovebookstours 

1969, Italy. Change is in the air. A year has passed since students and workers took control on the streets of Paris. Young people everywhere now believe they can improvise a new social order.
           Adam, a young English art student, runs into Maria Pia, a photographer — little suspecting the profound consequences their meeting will soon have.  She believes self-expression can have no limits. What does it mean to be absolutely free? Casually manipulative, she recruits Adam and his two friends — Laura and Danny — to take part in an experiment where all restraints are removed. But the flimsy ties that hold the self together can unravel. 
           ‘Falling’ takes the reader back to a unique time of revolutionary excitement, for a psychological drama that is both poignant and comedic as it delves into what truly makes a man.

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Author Bio

Chris is a visual artist —  painter, photographer and installationist — who lives and works in Cornwall, UK. Later this year he will be represented in the Trinity Buoy Wharf exhibition of contemporary drawings, opening in London before touring the country. He is also a political cartoonist posting daily on Instagram @bruce_works15.
           ‘Falling’ is the first of his fiction works to be released. Two full-length novels, ‘Beauty on the Streets’, and a sequel, ‘On Wings of Lead’ are due to follow.  Having lived for several years in Italy, the country provides the setting for Chris’s stories — concerned with the youth movement of the 1960s and ’70s and the geopolitics of the Cold War.
           He says: ‘I’m curious to see many of the same themes being played out again today. There’s a popular movement against a status quo that, for a long while, has seemed fixed. People are taking to the streets again to make their voices heard.’

Social media: Chris is active on Instagram @bruce_works15; he does f4f and loves to DM. He’s more grumpy about Twitter (having been closed down for a spell!) but can be found there — same handle

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