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Mummy Wears Blue Shoes by Scott Furlong - Book Tour & Review

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Mummy Wears Blue Shoes
By Scott Furlong

Emily is five-years-old. She wears pink ballerina shoes and wants to be a ballerina when she grows up.
Emily’s mummy and daddy are both special police officers called detectives.
Lately, Emily has noticed that her mummy hasn’t been spending time with her.
She has stopped taking her to dancing lessons and her older brother, Jackson, to his rugby lessons.
One night, Emily sees her mummy crying on the sofa being comforted by her daddy.
At a family meeting Emily learns that her mummy is poorly with something that the doctor calls
Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. 

Mummy Wears Blue Shoes is a heart-warming story about a family who are living with
Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. It is a story written about a family, for families by a family,
by author Scott Furlong with illustrated by his cousin Emma Cahill.

Information about the Book
Title: Mummy Wears Blue Shoes
Author: Scott Furlong
Illustrator: Emma Cahill
Genre: Picture Book
Publication Date: 15th September 2020
Page Count: 54
Publisher: Clink Street Publishing

My Review
Mummy Wears Blue Shoes is a really good children's book that will help kids learn about a serious issue in an easy to understand way. Especially if they have a family member or perhaps a friend who suffers from PTSD.
The story is from Emily's POV. She's five years old, and both of her parents are police detectives. She also has an older brother. When her mom starts acting different, getting upset more easily and no longer taking Emily or her brother to their lessons, Emily isn't sure what happened. Then Dad explains to them that Mom has PTSD.
Emily is then on a mission to make her mom happy again, and to feel better. Does she succeed?
I really liked this book. It doesn't get too technical, and young readers will find it easy to understand a disorder that affects quite a lot of people. And perhaps a young reader who has a friend or family member in a highly stressful job (like police or military) will have more empathy and knowledge to be more accepting of the "off" days their friend or family member will have.
The illustrations are nicely done, too; they're engaging and colorful.
4 stars from me.

Author Information
Scott Furlong resides in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia on a 10-acre equine property.
He medically retired from the Queensland Police Service after 20 years’ service with PTSD and Depression
in December 2019. He was a detective for 18 years and worked in Homicide,
Outlaw Motorcycle Gang Task Force, Organised Crime and Officer in Charge of a Criminal Investigation Branch.
He is currently studying a Bachelor of Law and a Masters of Professional Studies (Research).
His love of learning didn’t develop until he was in his early 40s.
Scott’s wife was also a detective and worked in child protection.
In 2011, she also medically retired from QPS with PTSD. They have one son who is 14 years old.
Scott has a great love for reading and writing. He also loves cooking and sports.
MUMMY WEARS BLUE SHOES is Scott’s debut novel.

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