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Return to Cornwall by Laura Briggs - Book Tour + Giveaway

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Return to Cornwall
The sequel novel to the best-selling UK series A WEDDING IN CORNWALL brings new surprises, romance, humor, and wedding bells, to readers who fell in love with the first stories.

Busy mother of two Julianne Rose has extended her talents beyond the manor house, opening her own event planning agency with the help of no-nonsense best friend Kitty. Balancing the chaos of daily life with their respective careers in their beloved Cornish village means Julianne can rarely snatch a romantic moment with handsome husband Matt. And just when it seems things couldn’t get any more chaotic, a sudden arrival at Cliffs House lands Julianne in the most unusual event of her career.

The reappearance of Percy or ‘the old earl’ after years of adventures abroad has temporarily shocked Lord William and Lady Amanda and set the entire village abuzz with gossip. Grizzled, spry, and delightfully eccentric, he’s returned with a most unusual set of traveling companions: an archaeological team digging in a spot whispered to have ties with the legendary Camelot. But it’s Percy’s ties with a certain charming woman among its team that has everyone taken by surprise, along with the news of their soon-to-be nuptials.

Tasked with planning the big day, Julianne and Kitty spring at this opportunity despite its rushed timeline and their own woes regarding the renovation of their future event space. But as the big day rolls closer for the earl and his bride-to-be – with cakes and wedding flowers competing with pottery shards and an ancient warrior chieftain’s grave for attention -- are there still surprising revelations to come?

Adding to the excitement is the return of former Cliffs House maid Gemma, whose posh new life as a novelist may not be all it seems … and Dinah visits in a flurry of festive baking for a holiday competition on everyone’s favorite baking show. Kitty’s life is in a tizz regarding both family and secrets … and Julianne’s happy marriage is challenged by an unwelcome sexy-and-persistent suitor among the summer visitors.

Filled with old friends, new adventures, and heartwarming Cornish charm, RETURN TO CORNWALL is an all-new, full-length novel—the first one ever to feature the characters from the original series!

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This excerpt brings back the characters and setting from my series ‘A Wedding in Cornwall’, with some exciting new changes to the world of event planner Julianne and her friends at the Cornish manor house. In the scene below, Julianne is meeting up with her old friend Gemma for lunch. But as they chat, she finds herself wondering if Gemma’s new life as a romance novelist is everything her friend hoped it would be.

For the second day running I had lunch out — the second time was different, however, because it was with Gemma instead of a client. Who, for reasons totally mystifying to me, chose the Dumnonian's tiny little tea room, with its crowded antique furniture that looked like a delicate French dollhouse's things among the chintz and roses.
"Goodness me, we're having terrible heat this summer, aren't we?" said Dovie, as she served us cucumber sandwiches and tiny little house salads decorated with croutons. "My brother from Yorkshire, all he talks about is rain, but we're having a dry spell, I say. Makes you wonder about that gossip that the Noll boy and Sheila Ferguson were seen skinny dipping in the Russert cow pond."
Maybe Gemma had come here for the gossip, instead of the tiny little sandwiches.
Dovie took a breath to go on, but the phone rang at the reception desk just then. "I'll make my excuses," she said, trotting away with her empty tray. "Enjoy, my ladies."
I turned to Gemma. "Are you sure you didn't want fish and chips at Charlotte's?" I hinted.
"Me? I ate their every Saturday eve of my life practically," she said. "I like a taste of the high life these days when I'm out."
"I eat there every Saturday, and I would still take one of Charlotte's pasties any day of the week," I answered. "But maybe I'm feeling allergic to the chintz." A client had hosted an intimate ladies' society lunch for an MP's wife here a few months ago, which landed me in this dining room for an entire afternoon.
"Dinah said the cucumber sandwiches were better than anything at the Silver Perch, so I thought it would be nice to try them," said Gemma. "I'm a bit sick of the Perch, myself."
"You? I remember when that was the height of posh for you and Pippa," I said, trying to repress my smile.
"Lily Hammond puts on too many airs in the dining room. I don't like people who are rude to staff." Gemma nibbled one of the sandwiches. "Mmmm. Dinah was right," she said. "There's a bit of something besides cream cheese spread."
I took one from the tray to follow suit. "I'll bet you have tea at The Ritz in London, don't you?" I said. "Especially when you're celebrating a big milestone."
"Well ... maybe," admitted Gemma. "But there aren't very many, you know. There will be, if I can make a go of this second book in time. Then I'll feel like a proper published author." She sounded confident of this fact.
"I thought you were one already. I distinctly remember buying a book with your name on it," I said. "Coincidence? I think not."
"Having two makes it real, though," she said. "You're not just some 'one-hit wonder' then, but a true professional. That's the goal, you know. I want my mum and Ki — and the rest of them to see that I'm a true success story."
"Wasn't Harper Lee a one-hit wonder?" I suggested.
Gemma chose to ignore this. "Anyway, I'm so busy in London I hardly ever go out," she continued. "I wish I did, but I really do have to be serious about things. It isn't at all like when I used to have grand notions, when I first met Rowena St. James. Now I guess it makes sense why she lives in the middle of no place in particular." Maybe Gemma wished she was in the wilderness writing, instead of in a probably-noisy Hammersmith flat.
"I think you'll make it, Gemma. Even if it's not the glam life you used to picture," I said. "No millions and no playboys. You've still seen your name printed on the cover of a book, and so have other people. Thousands, probably."
"That bit was pretty exciting," she admitted. "Remember the big party? It was lovely. Pip even came, and she hardly ever comes down any more. I suppose Gavin and the kids keep her busy. But for the next one, I'm treating myself to a proper dinner at some posh place in London, even if it's a dinner for one, because I simply have to celebrate. Too much hard work, writing all the time."
"I guess you were telling the truth when you told Rosie you didn't have time to date anybody. She kept saying you probably had a handsome stockbroker boyfriend from the City," I teased. "Or an actor from the West End."
"Maybe I could, if I had the time," said Gemma. "There are lots of interesting guys, I suppose. Pip and I used to be positively desperate to meet them when we were both younger. But we were desperate about boys in general, weren't we? We had to grow up sometime."

Author Bio –
Laura Briggs is the author of several feel-good romance reads, including the Top 100 Amazon UK seller 'A Wedding in Cornwall'. She has a fondness for vintage style dresses (especially ones with polka dots), and reads everything from Jane Austen to modern day mysteries. When she's not writing, she enjoys spending time with family and friends, caring for her pets, gardening, and seeing the occasional movie or play.

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