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The Out Crowd by Michael A. Kirby - Guest Blogger Book Review

By 4:11 PM

Hallie Flynn was ready for the perfect senior year, but everything changes at Homecoming when petty rumors spiral out of control. The In Crowd was always who everybody in the Out Crowd dreamed of being. The Out Crowd consisted of everybody else. Isaiah was also expecting a normal senior year. His biggest concern was earning a scholarship for college, but then all the norms evaporated. Gossip piles on top of itself, overwhelming his social life, and everyone else's. Friendships are ruined. People from all walks of Gates High School life no longer know who to trust.

Determined, Hallie makes it her mission to set the record straight. But by the time the gossip desperately needed to be stopped, it was already too late. Gates High could never be the same as it was again, because rumors and gossip are not toys to be played around with. What appears simple and straightforward becomes more confusing. Eventually the rumors take on a life of their own and truth and untruth merge into an unrecognizable blur. Both the In Crowd and the Out Crowd learn to live with their new fate in different ways. Inevitably, lessons are learned, but only after the damage is already done.

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Jennifer's Review
The Out Crowd was a very nice book to read.

It's about a school, Gates High School, where this girl Hallie, a cheerleader, becomes obsessed with writing a newspaper for the school that includes funnies, gossip, the news, events happening in school, etc.

To counter the gossip, another student starts his own paper and an all-out gossip war begins. The meek principal shuts it down but allows Hallie to keep her paper, so she takes advantage of that by writing gossip about people she and her “in crowd” find toxic just by what they do, say, or who they are.

How do the out crowd 'untouchables' fight it?

Read on to find out.

4 stars.

Author Bio
Ever since childhood, Michael has had a constant urge to liberate stories from the realm of his imagination and share them with the world. Various tales and characters would nag at him from inside his head until he finally agreed to give them a new life by putting pen-to-paper or finger-to-keyboard. In time, he realized this meant becoming a writer.

In college he wrote articles for the campus newspaper. After graduating he tried out publishing on various blogs over the years. Now he has turned to books, with a focus on novels.

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