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The Reluctant Wizard by A.A. Warne - Book Tour + Giveaway

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The Reluctant Wizard
by A.A. Warne
Genre: Middle Grade Fantasy 

By day, wizards rule the world. At night, warlocks seek to destroy it. Now, one boy will challenge them both. 

Eli never wanted to be a rebel. All he wants is an end to the famine and war threatening his community. To save his mother and baby brother from marauding warlocks, Eli is forced to make a heartbreaking decision. He must travel to Terra Magicae, the mysterious land of the wizards, to study magic. In exchange, the wizards will protect his family, but this protection comes at a price: once Eli enters the Grand Wizardry Academy, he may never come home. 
Full of lush landscapes and magical marvels, Terra Magicae is more wondrous than Eli ever imagined… and more dangerous. At first, Eli’s struggles to fit in at the Academy seem ordinary. But the more he questions the wizards, the more he suspects a sinister purpose behind their bizarre rules and tests. For a dark secret lies at the heart of this mystical land, one so terrible it threatens not only the students at the Academy but the lives of everyone Eli loves. 
To save them all, Eli must step into the midst of the battle between the wizards and warlocks and defy both sides. He must become the rebel he was always meant to be.

What inspired you to write this book?

            Inspiration for me is nothing straight forward. I could be reading a book on something like architecture and all of a sudden a child pops into my mind and shows me what type of food he likes to eat. Then I explore this thought and bam! I have a new story.

            In other words, what I tend to set out for the day, ends up being totally different than the original intention.

            In fact, I was half way writing Concealed Power with Michelle when Eli first came to mind. I could see he was in trouble with a powerful wizard and I told Michelle that I needed a week off to brainstorm and follow this kid. I’m very excited to discover and explore his story.

What can we expect from you in the future?

            I have so many stories within me that it would take life-times to write them all down. Currently I am working with Michelle Crow to finish The Hidden Truths Trilogy, I am also researching a huge series that explores an alternate Earth history, I’m brainstorming a series that explores other worlds, and I publish an anthology yearly.

Do you have any “side stories” about the characters?

            Ooooh! I do love reading author’s take on side stories especially when the book is in first person. It allows us, as readers, to jump out and see an alternative perspective. But because I write in third person, I can do that within the story. If there is a particular character that people must know more about, then I might consider it, but so far, everything goes into the book.

Can you tell us a little bit about the characters in The Reluctant Wizard?

            The Reluctant Wizard is about Eli who is accepted into a prestigious Academy called Terra Magicae. Inside huge walls, that only wizards are allow, Eli enters knowing he might never see his family again. But he’s not worried, he’s going to help them. Eli is an amazing kid. He is selfless, empathetic and he’s driven to help his community who are suffering from famine, drought and the war that’s going on between the wizards and the warlocks. The best thing about his community is that every single person has magic and Eli is just discovering who he is and what abilities his magic as in store for him.

How did you come up with the concept and characters for the book?

            It’s like characters come to me. I don’t make them up. Imagine a little movie inside your head. All of a sudden a face appears, or you see a scene. Then you can see that person doing something that intrigues you. I’m often questioning why would you do that? What made you get to that point? And where are you going now? These visual gems, as I like to call them, are often the turning point in my novels. I let the characters show me what’s happening and then keep detailed notes that turns into the book.

Where did you come up with the names in the story?

            I’ve always loved the name Eli and had saved it for a character that I loved. The other names are often different and you wouldn’t find them in real life, like Ykey and Khah. Ykey is pronounced you-key and Khah is pronounced car. Simple to say but visually different. These names stand out for a younger reader without judgement because I didn’t want a kid to have a hard day at school with a bully and it happens to be the same name and Eli’s best friend. So I was conscious that this story has to be approachable for everyone reading it.

What did you enjoy most about writing this book?

            This is the first book I’ve written that I have no idea how it’s going to end. That’s not enjoyable. I’m honestly scared! I have all these great concepts but every chapter leads to a deeper hole just like in Alice and Wonderland. It’s fascinating and I have no desire to turn back because the adventure is exciting.

A. A. Warne writes elaborate, strange, dark and twisted stories. In other words, speculative fiction.
Located at the bottom of the Blue Mountains in Sydney, Australia; Amanda was born an artist and grew up a painter before deciding to study pottery.
But it wasn't until she found the art of the written word that her universe expanded.
A graduate of Western Sydney University in arts, Amanda now spends her time wrestling three kids and writing full time.

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