Tenisha Collins

Christian Nonfiction

Sex is great and feels real, real good! Societal

trends advocate doing whatever feels good, including having sexual intercourse
with someone you are not married to. The limelight shining on sex isn't a good
one. It's almost impossible to find positive models of sex while married, in
any medium, today. Television sitcoms, movies, magazines, romance novels,
gossip radio, and talk shows all highlight marriages consumed with infidelity,
trust issues, dehumanizing sex or a lack of sexual intimacy. Most mediums imply
that singles are the ones having the best sex of their lives and, if they do
marry, great sex ends after the honeymoon. But the truth is, God has reserved
great sex for a husband and his own wife -- period! This guide removes all the defective
propaganda surrounding sex so that a husband and wife BOTH enjoy sex without
any issues. In just 21 days, married couples could be having the best,
bed-breaking, intoxicatingly addictive sex with one another. Go ahead and read
it...I dare you!


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Tenisha N. Collins is an author, accountant, editor &
proofreader, speaker, entrepreneur and marriage coach. She recently
published two devotionals, focusing on parenting & marriage, which
can be found on Amazon, Apple Books, Kindle, Thriftbooks, Walmart, Kobo
and other online platforms.

A graduate of the University of Kentucky’s Gatton College of Business, she holds a Bachelor’s of Science in Accounting.

When Tenisha’s not preparing corporate and individual income taxes at
the firm where she works part-time, she is balancing her mom life with
her wife and entrepreneur life.

Founder of Strong Marriage, a Facebook Christian support group
designed to give its members the tools necessary to obtain &
maintain a strong marriage, Tenisha is passionate about families
functioning as God purposed. Tenisha lives in Thousand Oaks, California
(USA) with her husband of 27 years, their four children and grandson.

Visit her website, TenishaCollins.Com, to learn more or to join her community.



Mavis McKnight, M.S.

Christian Nonfiction

The Mis-Education of the church Girl is a Personal Journal of
Self-Discovery that sheds light on damaging messages about sex,
sexuality, and self-love.

This journal will help you:
  • Unpack negative beliefs about sex,
  • Uncover obstacles to sexual joy
  • Unleash your potential for sizzling and fulfilling sexual intimacy
It is loaded with journal activities, action steps, heart-opening
exercises, amazing health benefits, and a few surprises to help move you
toward a transformed mind and a new relationship with your sexual self.

Discover and embrace your right to pleasure!



Mavis McKnight is a candid, caring, and passionate Certified Sex
Coach and Marriage Advocate. She is on a mission to educate, empower,
and inspire Christian wives to enrich their sexual relationship. She
encourages women to embrace their sexuality, learn to be creative, and
bring more fun and excitement to their intimate lives. Her goal is to
teach women to add flavor and spice to their sex life, blend sex
positive messages with actions, and create tantalizing sexual
experiences that burst with sweetness.

Some of the areas she coaches are:
  • Little or no interest in sex
  • Problems getting or holding an erection
  • Problems ejaculating too soon
  • Never experienced an orgasm
  • Can’t orgasm with a partner
  • Body Image Issues
  • Sexual inhibitions
  • Uneven desire
  • Little or no sex skills
  • Desire for enhanced pleasure
Additionally, she explores the areas of:

  • More fun and fulfilling sex
  • Planning romantic and erotic dates
  • Taking the stress, distress, and worry out of sex
  • Kicking sexual frustration to the curb
  • Speaking up boldly for your sexual needs
  • Deep soulful connections
  • Intimacy inside and outside of the bedroom
She has conducted numerous workshops, seminars, marriage classes, and
bible studies for over eleven years; provided counseling and coaching
in marriage and relationships for over 10 years; Earned a Bachelor’s
Degree in Psychology; a Master’s Degree in Human Services; She is a
Certified Sex Coach and Clinical Sexologist, a Certified Life Coach,
Published author, and Co-Founder and CEO of Intimate Connections.

When Mavis is not bubbling over with passion to teach about sex, she
enjoys dancing, traveling, reading, laughing, music, spending time with
her handsome, adorable, loving husband and family, and having her
grandkids over for a sleep-over…sometimes. 😊