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The Tenant's Wrath by Gabriel Nombo - Guest Blogger Book Review

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This is the report on how aliens live on their planet. It is assumed to be written in the 34th Century. A reporter from Earth writes it after he voyaged to aliens' planet. Aliens have their wisdom. It is not the same as the Earthlings' wisdom. Their wisdom makes them naturally angry.

When Earthlings start to visit aliens' planet, some aliens learn Earthlings' wisdom. They use it to mitigate their wrathful nature. Our reporter does thorough research on aliens' culture. He specializes in a landlord-tenant relationship through an alien named Setifokasi. Setifokasi is among a few aliens who use the visitors' wisdom. 

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Jennifer's Review
It was a hard book for me to read and understand, but the basic idea is a group of aliens on a planet similar to Earth try to find tenancy, jobs, and talk about their daily lives. 
Lots of words in foreign language but also translation.

Author Bio
Gabriel Nombo is an Information Security/InformationTechnology professional. He is CISA, CISM, and has a master's degree in Information Security. Apart from his interest in space technology, he is interested in communication between a landlord and a tenant when they dwell in the same building. He lived in fourteen local houses as a tenant.

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