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Wrong Place Right Time by E.B. Roshan - Guest Blogger Book Review

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All Anna Belko wants is a quiet cup of tea. For a young garment factory worker in the uneasy city of Dor, such moments of peace are few and far between. When she stops by a little cafe called Oxsana's on her way home from work, she has many things on her mind, but meeting the man who will turn her life upside down is not one of them.

After his cousin is killed, Boris Merkovich wonders if he will ever feel a moment of peace again. As the manager of Oxsana's, his family's cafe he doesn't have time for grieving. But everything changes when he stumbles and almost pours a pot of tea into his customer's lap. To his surprise, the young woman doesn't become angry...

Love comes in unexpected ways. Neither Anna nor Boris dreamed this unexpected encounter would change both their lives, but as Dor implodes, Boris and Anna's relationship, begun over a broken teapot and a heartfelt prayer, only grows stronger.
However, it isn't long before Anna realizes the hatred destroying her city isn't just "out there." If Boris cannot forgive his cousin's killer, it will cost both him and Anna everything they've begun to hope for.

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Jennifer's Review
Wrong Place Right Time is a very good book. I enjoyed it. 
A girl, Anna, works in a factory with her friends, and one day the factory catches on fire and everyone who worked there lost their job, so Anna goes looking for another one.
 Boris works at a restaurant and sees Anna and wants to love her, but due to difficult times he decides he is not ready. 
Anna's brother works as a prison guard, and he has a dangerous plan to help a prisoner who got left behind escape from his death. Anna gets Boris to help her and her brother, and together they get the prisoner to safety... or do they? 
And what happens between Boris and Anna? 
3 stars.

Author Bio
E.B. Roshan has enjoyed a nomadic lifestyle for several years, living in the Middle East and Asia, but is now temporarily settled in Missouri with her husband and two sons.

When she's not cleaning, cooking or chasing after the boys, she's writing the latest installment of her ongoing Romantic Suspense series, Shards of Sevia.

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