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Everyone is a Moon by Sawney Hatton - Book Tour & Review

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Book blurb:

“Everyone is a moon, and has a dark side which he never shows to anybody.”  —Mark Twain

From the devilishly inventive mind of Sawney Hatton comes this twisted collection of 12 Dark Fiction tales featuring a magical finger, a cannibalistic memorial, an extreme piercing parlor, a Space Age monastery, a budding serial killer, and more. Presenting three new, never-before-published stories, as well as re-mastered versions of earlier works, this collection is sure to disturb and delight readers who like to play in the dark. 

Trigger warnings

·         ‘Pet’: animal abuse

·         ‘The Dark at the Deep End’: explicit torture

·         ‘Suitable for Framing’: sexual assault

Not suitable for readers under 18


Everyone is a Moon is a collection of short stories that are all strange, dark, and horrific. There are also some stories that may be a bit too much for some readers (see trigger warnings above). 
I'm a sucker for short horror stories. I tend to prefer those sometimes over actual novels. And I always love finding new authors who have short story collections that are dark, because it makes my morbid little heart sing with glee. (Yeah, I'm weird)
The stories in this collection will delight and thrill readers of the macabre. Some of my favorites include:

The Good Touch - a tale of divine karma; I found this one amusing
The Boy Who Cried Alien - a tale of too many sci-fi flicks; my husband and I laughed about this one and how ridiculous it was
In Memorium the Ostrich - a tale of hypocrisy and greed; this one is a bit crazy, but I liked it
FYVP - a tale of body modification gone wrong; this one reminded me of a Tales From the Crypt episode

I'd also like to mention these two stories:
The Dark at the Deep End

Pet is a bit more sci-fi, but as soon as I realized where it was going, the first thing that popped into my head was that one episode of To Catch a Predator. If you grew up in the late 90s/early 2000s watching that, you probably know the episode. Everyone I've ever talked to about that show brings up this episode, and I suppose I'm not surprised Pet brought that memory to the forefront of my mind.

The Dark at the Deep End has a scene that's a bit graphic and really, really messed up. I won't spoil anything, but it's kinda like Hostel, but on meth or something. Definitely more horrific than I expected.

Overall, I rather enjoyed this collection of stories, and while a couple of them weren't really my cup of tea, I still liked them for what they brought to the table.
If you're looking for something creepy to read this Halloween season (or anytime at all, really), definitely get a copy of Everyone is a Moon. 
4 stars from me!


About the Author: 

Sawney Hatton is an author, editor, and screenwriter. His published credits include the Dark Comedy novel Dead Size, the YA Noir novella Uglyville, and his Dark Fiction short story collection Everyone Is a Moon. His most recent novella The Devil’s Delinquents appears in the Noir-inspired anthology Murder in Montague Falls. He also edited the Sci-Fi Horror anthology What Has Two Heads, Ten Eyes, and Terrifying Table Manners? 

 Other incarnations of Sawney have produced marketing videos, attended all-night film festivals, and played the banjo and sousaphone (not at the same time). He fancies himself as somebody you can relax and have a beer with, and encourages people to buy him beer in exchange for his company. As of this writing, he is still very much alive.

You can become better acquainted with him at You'll also find him lurking on Facebook and Twitter.


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