Tuesday, October 20, 2020

For the Love of a Pirate by Laura Nelson - Book Tour

For the Love of a Pirate by Laura Nelson @Shockaboo @CayellePub @lovebooksgroup #lovebookstours 

A jaded middle-aged woman attends a museum exhibit featuring the wreck of a pirate ship. A dead pirate from the wreck makes spiritual contact with her, pleading for her help to rescue him from purgatory. Along the way, she discovers both their pasts through a series of dreams. Another pirate covets her body for his own nefarious purposes. She becomes determined to rescue the pirate who has become her friend while figuring out how to prevent the other pirate from taking over her body.

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Beep! Beep! Beep!

Kelly Hunter groaned, reached on the nightstand to pick up her cell phone and shut off the alarm. Dropping her head back on the pillow, she laid the phone in its rose gold wallet next to her and wondered again why she had agreed to this date. Sunday mornings were meant for sleeping in and taking your time getting out of bed.

Sighing, she pulled the covers up higher around her neck and closed her eyes. A few more minutes of sleep wasn’t going to affect anything. And she was reluctant to leave the comfort of her cotton sheets, blue Vellux blanket, and flowered bedcover.

On either side of her, two cats—one grey and one black, both solid-colour longhairs—shifted their positions, knowing the alarm going off meant she was soon going to be getting out of bed.

Kelly had almost fallen back asleep when she gave in to the inevitable and pulled back one corner of the blankets. Both cats stood, yawning, and indulged in the leisure stretching of their kind. They followed her into the bathroom and then to the kitchen, where she refreshed their water, poured some more dry food into their bowls, and gave them treats.

Slowly, she put on her glasses and blue floral slippers, then trudged down the hall to the bathroom, kitties bounding around her, rubbing on her legs, impeding her progress. While Kelly sat on the throne, she thought about the weird dream she’d had last night. In it, a black-haired man dressed in what looked like a pirate outfit straight out of Hollywood had been following her through what looked like a medieval town. She had eluded him several times by ducking into doorways and alleys, frequently backtracking to throw him off. She felt sure she’d finally lost him, only to find herself at a dead end. She turned to go back, and there he’d been, smiling in triumph at having cornered her. Then the alarm went off.

Laura Nelson 

I am 57, and I am a graduate of Augustana College of Rock Island, Illinois. I wrote some in college, then stopped. I took it up again after attending the Real Pirates Exhibit in Denver, Colorado in 2011. I have since written several non-fiction articles about some of the pirates who sailed on the Whydah Galley. In the past few years, I've compiled them into two books titled The Whydah Pirates Speak. I have also published several short stories, which have appeared in two anthologies (listed on my Amazon page), and in several magazines. I live in Cochiti Lake, NM, with my three cats. When not writing, I enjoy walking, reading, and Tai Chi.

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