Thursday, October 29, 2020

Once and Future Wife by Clarissa Kae - Book Blitz + Giveaway

Clarissa Kae is a preeminent voice whose professional career began as a freelance editor in 2007. She's the former president of her local California Writers Club after spending several years as the Critique Director.

Since her first novel, she's explored different writing genres and created a loyal group of fans who eagerly await her upcoming release. With numerous awards to her name, Clarissa continues to honor the role of storyteller.

Aside from the writing community, she and her daughters founded Kind Girls Make Strong Women to help undervalued nonprofit organizations—from reuniting children with families to giving Junior Olympic athletes their shot at success.

She lives in the agricultural belly of California with her family and farm of horses, chickens, dogs and kittens aplenty.

Immortal men like Rhys Glyndwr belong to forgotten fables—along with his reincarnating wife—but instead, they haunt the mind of a modern scientist, Isla Belle Thorne. Like an old blanket, visions of the healer servant and his wife, the daughter of a duke, have comforted Isla Belle, the only constant in her unstable childhood.
When her mother is hospitalized for a mental breakdown, Isla Belle fears for her own health and keeps the visions a secret. As Isla Belle starts her new job at a renowned medical organization, she comes face to face with Rhys—the same man from her visions.
She’s told an impossible tale of a love that death cannot kill. Surrounded by science but faced with an implausible legend, Isla Belle must decide what to believe and what to leave behind.


A breeze caressed the leaves, ruffling the stolen tunic on Rhys’ raw back. The pain seared through him, setting Rhys’ nerves on edge. The wind carried the sound of rope stretching. The borrowed horse neighed, fidgeting under the saddle and shying away from the line of trees. Rhys held the reins firm but the horse nervously backed away. Searching for the culprit, Rhys froze.


Twirling at the end of a rope, swung four dead men. Rhys tucked a sleeping Isla Belle tighter against his chest and pushed the horse to a gallop. They rode for hours, long past sunset and on into the night. The image of the hung men followed him, pounding in his head in rhythm with the horse’s hooves. It’s why he drugged Milford’s small army instead of killing them despite the temptation. The temptation to kill was very real—even now. With his back ripped to shreds, he wondered if he’d made the correct choice. He shook the thought. He would not become like the captain or the king. This wasn’t the country he’d hope to return to. He’d spent his life fighting death, not inviting it.

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