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Small Sacrifices by L.E. Luttrell - Book Tour

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Small Sacrifices

Be careful what you wish for.

She wanted to be famous. But not like this.

Ellen Gibson always dreamed of being a star. At a young age those dreams were shattered.

Discovering she holds the winning ticket in a 55-million Powerball jackpot, Ellen sees it as her opportunity to be in the limelight. But at what cost?

Detective India Hargreaves and her small team are called in to investigate the disappearance of five- year-old Joshua Gibson, but the investigation is taken over by the big guns from Police Headquarters when it turns out to be a kidnapping.

When the media and the lead investigator suspect Ellen of being behind the kidnapping, her fame disintegrates into a nightmare and she seems powerless to stop events spiralling out of control …

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The following two paragraphs are from the opening chapter of the book. It introduces the reader to Ellen. We learn that Ellen is married and a young mother. She reads celebrity magazines, loves to dress up, likes to go out and she would like to be famous. But her husband restricts her ability to do many of the things she enjoys in life. Does that mean her husband Max is mean, or simply sensible? If he didn’t put his foot down about Ellen’s natural inclinations to spend money and go out, would it lead to Ellen becoming an irresponsible and neglectful mother?

 Ellen Gibson knew she would do almost anything to be like one of the celebrities she was reading about in her magazine. She would even be prepared to eat disgusting things which those British contestants who came out to Australia for ‘I’m a Celebrity – Get me out of Here’ had to do.

She envied the women whose photographs were plastered all over the celebrity pages; their freedom and ability to dress in the latest fashions and be out on the town. Something she hadn’t been able to do for some years now, thanks to her husband Max, who was sitting a few feet away from her watching the news. He had curtailed her nights out with friends since the birth of their son Joshie, a little over five years ago.


About the Author

L.E. Luttrell was born in Sydney, Australia and spent the first 21 years of her life there before moving to the UK. After working in publishing for a few years she trained as a teacher and from the 90s spent many years working in secondary education, although she’s had numerous other part time jobs.  A frustrated architect, L.E. Luttrell has spent much of her adult life moving house and renovating properties. Although she has written many more ‘books’, Small Sacrifices, is only the third of her books to be published. More will follow.

She currently lives in Liverpool, Merseyside – although if it hadn’t been for Covid 19 she would have been with family in Brisbane, Queensland.

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  1. Thank you so much for taking part in my blog tour for Small Sacrifices. Lyn


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