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Sons of Cuba by Ellen W. Martin - Book Tour + Giveaway

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Sons of Cuba Series

by Ellen W. Martin


GENRE:   Historical fiction




Relentless political turmoil streams through the veins of Cuba like lava coursing down the side of a volcano holding the Cuban people hostage to tyranny since Christopher Columbus discovered the Caribbean Island.  One wonders if the country’s destiny can ever change.

In BOOK I – SONS OF CUBA – PRELUDE TO REVOLUTION Felipe Cardena, the rebel, endures lost love, the exhilaration of victory, demoralizing disappoints, imprisonment, exile, and an assassination attempt.  Nothing will stop Felipe Cardena until he achieves his ultimate goal — free Cuba from tyranny.

In BOOK II – SONS OF CUBA – HOMECOMING after victory is declared by the Cuban rebels, the plot shifts away from the revolution and centers on Tangi Montolio, a fiery redheaded activist who once was one of the rebel leader’s most passionate supporters.  Tangi and her family become a victim and suffers under the hands of Felipe Cardena’s new leadership.  The rebel now turned dictator will discover that his brief interaction with Tangi will lead to the destruction of his legacy.




TANGI rushed over and picked up the now hysterical Andrés.  Her eyes widened.  Standing at the front door was that same disgusting soldier that had harassed her at the plaza; three others were behind him, rifles in hand.  Once again, he leered at her.  She looked down; her blouse was still open.  She buttoned the top button and held Andrés close.

Ramon Miguel stepped between Tangi, Fernando, and the soldier.  “What can we do for you?”  He asked.

“I told you, I’m looking for Fernando Reyes.  Are you he?”

Ramon stared at the soldier; his eyes narrowed.  “Maybe, but tell me first why you’re here.”

The soldier waved a piece of paper in front of Ramon’s face.  “This is about you turning your farm over to the government.”

Fernando pushed Ramon aside and snapped, “I’ll do no such thing.  That land has been in my family for generations.  Besides, what would the government want with a few meager acres?” 

The soldier looked first at Ramon, and then at Fernando.  “Okay, which one of you is Reyes? 

Fernando yanked the papers from the soldier’s hands.  “I told you I am.  What is this?”  He asked, shaking the papers in the soldier’s face. 

“It’s the deed to your land.  Sign it; sign it now without argument.  If you don’t, we have a prison cell waiting for you.”

Ramon Miguel took the papers from Fernando’s trembling hands, and glanced over the legal document.  He turned his back on the soldiers and pulled the old man aside.  “I’m afraid you have no choice,” he whispered.  “You wouldn’t survive a week in jail, and I can’t go to prison for you.  Who’d take care of Tangi and the baby?”



How long on average, does it take you to write a book?
When I decided to write my first three books, the process was a long one.  Writing was a hobby, something I did when I wasn’t spending my free time playing league tennis. 

Actual butt-in-chair for these books was over a period of several months, maybe a year – on each individual book.  It took longer because I realized how little I knew about basic technical writing skills, i.e. plotting, the key element “show don’t tell”, character development, writing believable dialogue, and all the other tricks of the trade. 

Honing your skills takes time if you hope to produce a decent product.  I found myself spending hours working with online writing groups and meeting regularly with fellow local writers so we could critique one another’s work.  When the opportunity presented itself, I went to Writer’s Conferences and soaked up as much knowledge as I could from successful authors.  At those Conferences I also received valuable advice from both agents and publishers that were attending those functions.  After multiple rejections, tired of the frustrating, unrewarding process of getting an agent or publisher’s attention, my writing muse took a long eight to ten-year sabbatical.  

However, I do have a short answer to the question.  My writing muse stopped by for an extended visit while COVID-19 has been wreaking havoc across our country and the world.  Bored and with little else to do but binge on Netflix or watch the daily depressing news, I sat myself down in front of my computer and worked six hours a day for at least six days a week.  In just over 60-days I completed the first draft of another suspense thriller.  Amazing what one can do when you are motivated, not to mention disciplined.

How do you select the names of your characters?
This is a much easier question.  The names of my characters depend on the plot, the character’s nationality, and what part of the U.S.A. or world they live.  Sometimes names just pop into my head as I’m writing. 

I usually have a grasp of the personality traits of my characters and the names I choose for them will just fit.  However, when tagging a character eludes me, I’ll go to the internet, skim lists of names (both first and last), and select four or five that might work.  Once I’ve made a choice, I’ll close my eyes and picture the character in question to see if the name matches their profile.

And finally, occasionally I’ve borrowed a first or last name of friends, relatives, or “friendamies”.

What creature do you consider your “spirit animal” to be?
The eagle is definitely my “spirit animal”.  When I was a child I dreamed of flying – literally, either with my own wings or a jet pack.  I didn’t care which of those methods I just wanted to soar through the air.  My dreams to “fly” remained with me as a young adult.  My ultimate goal was to see as much of the world as I possibly could — and I did. 

Secondly, the eagle also represents freedom.  Given the opportunities to live and travel around the world, I witnessed social injustices and experienced multiple cultures for a longer time period than just a short visit.  I gained a greater appreciation of the democracy we Americans enjoy every day.  I am convinced my deep-seated gratitude for our civil liberties and freedoms played a major role in my commitment to write SONS OF CUBA.  

Do you have any advice for aspiring writers?
Definitely!  If you have the desire to write don’t allow anyone to stop or discourage you.  Remain determined.  Be a sponge when it comes to learning anything about the craft of writing.  Most of all welcome constructive criticism with open arms and a smile on your face. 

What is your favorite genre to read?
Hands down suspense thriller and murder mysteries.

In closing:
I wanted to share one last thing with you.  Even though I lost my enthusiasm to write for a long period of time, my elusive muse did return.  In the summer of 2019 I found myself once again in front of my computer searching for the completed books I had written so long ago.  I cleared the cobwebs from both my head and the files, and then wrote and rewrote my earlier endeavors — and then I tweaked them again.  The two book series SONS OF CUBA – PRELUDE TO REVOLUTION and SONS OF CUBA – HOMECOMING were released late fall of 2019 and are available to read either as an e-Book or in paperback.

In just a few weeks from today my suspense thriller INTO THE DEVIL’S DEN – SNARED BY THEIR OWN LIES will be released and ready to read. 

For more information about all my books go to my website:

Also, check out the Book Trailer for SONS OF CUBA on Youtube:


AUTHOR Bio and Links:

After a lifetime of personal adventures, travel and escapades (a lot of risky escapades), author Ellen Martin, is living her sunset years bouncing around a tennis court or clicking away on her keyboard. 

Outrage at social injustices, the thrill for suspense, and unraveling a good mystery are triggers that motivate Ellen to write memorable stories and colorful characters.

Over 30 years as a military wife, she has resided both in the Orient and in Europe where she became no stranger to social injustice and poverty.  She and her family have lived in the Philippines, Japan, Italy, and the Netherlands — not to mention both U.S. coasts and Kansas in the winter.  She is fascinated by real-life, colorful personalities. 

On a more personal note Ellen was a flight attendant for the Charter Airline Saturn in the 1960’s.  Her job was escorting United States troops in and out of Viet Nam.  Her adventures in the war zone continued until she was swept away by her fighter pilot husband. 

After retirement the couple’s travels included Germany, Austria, Czech Republic, Poland, Hungry, Spain, Scotland, and Ireland and topped off with a visit to Cuba.

God gifted Ellen with one “perfect” son and three grandchildren.

You wrap all this in a package and Ellen has been rewarded with an endless supply of fodder for her fiction.

In her historical fiction Book-I SONS OF CUBA–PRELUDE TO REVOLUTION she weaves an embellished tale of the most notorious and charismatic Cuban rebel in modern history.  There’s a chance you might find him charming, intriguing and actually root for him in his early endeavors to free his beloved Cuba from tyranny. 

However, in Book II - SONS OF CUBA – HOMECOMING, the story takes the reader from the rebel’s exile in Mexico to preparation for the revolution from the Mountains of the Sierra Maestra.  This is where you will meet the fiery redheaded peasant girl, Tangi.  The narrative shifts its focus from the revolution and centers around the fictional character, Tangi, and her family’s struggles, fears and disappointments in the new regime.

How the story in real life ends is no secret.  But, in Book II – SONS OF CUBA – HOMECOMING, the characters and the author may just get the last word. 

In 2020 Ellen’s new book INTO THE DEVIL’S DEN turns from historical events to present day reality – Terrorism — terrorism in our own backyard. 

Check out her website for excerpts from her books: 

Book Video:

Amazon buy links:

Prelude to Revolution




Ellen W. Martin will be awarding a $25 Amazon or Barnes and Noble GC to a randomly
drawn winner via rafflecopter during the tour.

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  4. Thank you Jazzy Book reviews for hosting my book tour today and thank you to all those that stopped by to check out the two book series SONS OF CUBA.



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