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The Demon in Business Class by Anthony Dobranski - Audio Book Tour

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Author: Anthony Dobranski

Narrator: Laura Petersen

Length: 18 hours 26 minutes

Publisher: Anthony Dobranski

Released: Aug. 19, 2020

Genre: Supernatural Thriller

She can speak all languages. He can smell evil intent. They're enemies. They crave each other. Secret magic, international settings, a conspiracy plot, star-crossed lovers, and sharp writing The Demon in Business Class is a stunning debut novel spanning continents and genres. Zarabeth travels the world for a shady executive, laying the groundwork for global war. Gabriel offers a second chance to the criminals that a visionary leader sees in dreams. One rainy night in Scotland, they meet... Now, it's complicated. There's also the investigator, the witch, the playboy, the gangster, the cultist, the pre-school teacher, the two angels… And, the demon. Fans of Jeff VanderMeer and David Mitchell will love this stylish cross-genre novel. Gorgeously narrated by Laura Petersen, The Demon in Business Class is an international story of fantasy, intrigue, and love, on the uneasy ground where the human meets the divine. Your next read is now boarding, listen now!
 Anthony Dobranski is from and lives in Washington DC. His debut novel is The Demon in Business Class, a modern fantasy. He also designed and published Business Class Tarot, a modern Tarot deck inspired by his novel. He is finishing up his new science-fiction novel, The White Lake. He’s volunteered with many arts organizations, and now serves on the board of The Inner Loop, a Washington DC live-reading series and podcast. He loves to ski.
Narrator Bio
 Born and raised in Chicago, Illinois, Laura Petersen is the youngest from a very large family. She matured like a nice cheap wine in Southern California where her family moved when she was in high school. Honing her acting chops in college in Orange County and in the school of hard knocks in Los Angeles, she eventually settled down with a handsome young man and married. Then promptly moved to North Carolina, and then again headed West to Oregon where she now lives with her husband, and two kids. She traveled extensively before becoming a suburban mom, traveling all over Europe and North America. She has also worked in almost every manner of job, from fast food service to bartending and from retail clothing to costume department PA, actress, short order cook, barista, auto repair, ballroom dancer, and independent film producer. Now, when she is not busy narrating, she uses her BA and MBA to homeschool her kids (thanks pandemic) and enjoys hanging with her quarantine pod for occasional game nights.

Thinking about the movie of a book is a fun exercise. Here's a pick of six actors I’d love to imagine bringing The Demon in Business Class to movie life!

Zarabeth Battrie - Natalie Martinez

After her role in The I-Land, Martinez could really bring out Zarabeth's edgy determination. I can totally see her pinching a cigarette out at the tip. 

image link:,0,214,317_AL_.jpg

Gabriel Archer - Chase Crawford

Given his wild arc as The Deep in The Boys, Crawford could pull off the deeply conflicted nature behind Gabriel’s straight-shooting presence.

image link:,0,214,317_AL_.jpg

Missy Devereaux - Miley Cyrus

Missy is a child of privilege who grew up leading a double life, and still chafes at it. Any questions why I chose Cyrus? I think she'd like wearing a lot of freckles. 

image link:,0,214,317_AL_.jpg

Walt Wisniewski - Charlie Hunnam

Walt is a seeker, wears his comic relief lightly, and is fine not being the hero. Hunnam would find the sensitivity and cleverness behind Walt's big bold front.

image link:,0,214,317_AL_.jpg

Bill Thorn - Bokeem Woodbine

Bill is not emotional, but he’s keeping his passions tamped down, maybe unwisely. Woodbine conveys great power whether serious or comic, and he'd find the depth in Bill's still waters. 

image link:,0,214,317_AL_.jpg

Magda Crane - Charlotte Rampling 

Magda is old, complex, and several steps ahead of you. In her whole acting career, including the upcoming Dune movie, Rampling has an intelligent, secretive toughness. 

image link:,0,214,317_AL_.jpg

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