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The Perfect Revenge by WilD - Book Tour + Giveaway

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Women’s Fiction

Date Published: 10/20/2020

Publisher: Final Word Press

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Power. Lust. Betrayal. Murder. Blamed for the deaths of both her parents, Zoey Tirado is raised under the cruel control of her wealthy Uncle Max—an obsessive narcissist whose vicious deeds scar Zoey’s future forever. Zoey manages to escape, but feeling powerless and alone, lets her life spiral out of control. Finally ready for help, Zoey is taken under the wing of a champion female fighter who guides her on a journey of transformation and empowerment by helping her strengthen both her body and her mind. Rising above her past, Zoey focuses on her ultimate goal: exacting the perfect revenge.

This first installment of The Perfect Revenge series sets the stage for a sexy and thrilling saga, packed with romance, espionage, street justice, and more. In The Dragonfly Rises, Zoey’s emotion-filled metamorphosis from a guilt-ridden child into an inspirational success is a page-turner every woman can relate to.

I WAS BORN ON APRIL 1, 1992. Yes, April Fools’ Day—a day

 marked by deceit that plays on people’s naiveté. It’s a dramatic dynamic that has also defined my life.

I’ve been dropped into extremes that have careened in every direction, like a frantic cab ride from upscale Park Avenue to the crazy carnival of Coney Island. From behind the closed doors of a New Haven mansion to a New York City gutter, from self-serving righteousness to a rickety roller coaster, I’ve faced down the demons of both dollars and dirt.

I’ve experienced the euphoria of love, the viciousness of violence, and the heaviness of hate with a fire that would sear the steamiest passion and spread the vilest venom. It’s a potent triad whose elements can take you to life’s ultimate peak or destroy you in the worst possible way.

Eventually I found a helping hand. Thanks to which, I’m on my way to rebuilding my life. On my way to independence and stability.

I still see those demons and violence and hate and venom, but when I do ponder on my past, it’s with a new and deeper perspective. Because, while I may never burn those horrors from my mind, I think that maybe, just maybe, I can someday bring purpose to them.



About the Author

WilD is a storyteller and longtime philanthropist who’s dedicated generous amounts of time and money to organizations that aid women with troubled pasts. The drastic transformations he’s witnessed have proven to him what is possible when people are given the right support system. Today, he’s an ardent champion of female empowerment, driven to create a lasting legacy by furthering the cause even more.

However, WilD realized early on he was not the ideal "face" of the women's movement. And so, with the goal of keeping the attention on Zoey and her message, WilD has chosen to remain anonymous. But the impetus for his commitment to this project need not be a mystery.

Like Zoey, WilD overcame heartbreaking adversity; in fact, many story scenes are based directly on his and his mother’s distressing experiences. But after being told he would never amount to anything, he became the first in his family to attend college, went on to earn a graduate degree, and most importantly, found personal fulfillment.

Crafting Zoey’s story is WilD’s first step toward inspiring women to reach their highest goals, even when faced with the steepest odds. He hopes that exposing the plight of girls like Zoey will help more women find their own voices and will encourage others to join the mission.


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  1. Nice cover. I love women's fiction. Thanks for the chance. It sounds good.

  2. Looks like a great book. I like the cover.


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