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Clans Isken and Utbek Series by Katherine Prince - Book Tour + Giveaway

Immortal Vows: Clans Isken and Utbek Book 1
by Katherine Prince
Genre: Time Travel Historical Romance

If they are to have a future together, they must return to the past…

A not-so-ordinary woman…
Lyla has the nearly-perfect life in England, but deep within, she struggles with her identity. Sometimes, she feels as if she doesn’t belong in the society around her. An orphan, raised by her aunt, Lyla has no pictures or memories of her parents except the beautiful sapphire necklace she’s worn all her life. Then shortly after her aunt’s mysterious death, unexplainable climate catastrophes begin occurring, coinciding with the nightmares that have begun tormenting her. Are the answers to be found in her aunt’s secret diaries? And who is the strange man who seems to be following her?

Shadows of the past…
Watcher. Protector. The Shadow Man understands his duty to his tribe. Find the girl, retrieve the stone, and return to his own time eight hundred years into the past to save his people. And Lyla certainly bears watching. The alabaster-skinned beauty has no idea of the danger she’s in. No idea of the supernatural and magical powers she possesses. How can he protect her when his duty is to persuade her to step through a portal into a past she doesn’t remember, to fulfil a destiny that may end her life? How can he do that to someone who has captured his heart?

Two worlds, one chance…
Now Lyla is being hunted by enemies she doesn’t even know she has. The only chance they have for a future is to escape into the past. Can Lyla and the Shadow Man learn to trust one another with their lives, and their hearts?

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Ricolda watched with bated breath through her orbs as Rhea rolled from side to side on the bed, as restless as restless could be. She was obviously troubled, her body posture suggested it. She sat upright on the bed and in a few seconds after, she began to sing. Ricolda watched in stunned silence, because even after she had heard Rhea's voice more than once, she didn't seem to be able to get over how it flowed seamlessly, and how it affected her at the same time. She knew that the voice Rhea had was the only thing that would be able to free her from the abyss she was trapped in. Her voice was magic, and she didn't even know. When Rhea was born, Ricolda watched still. Rhea had fasci‐nated her since she was born, her cries even had a singing tone to them. It was as though her voice was specially made to sing and to heal. Ricolda didn't understand at first, but she kept watching Rhea. She watched Rhea grow, wondering if she made a mistake like she did before with Meira. But then, she didn't watch Meira grow, it was just a few months of watching her. But Rhea on the other hand, Ricolda had watched her grow, every step of the way. It was safe to say that she was a little bit attached to the girl who sang whenever she was sad, sang when‐ever she was happy too. Whenever she felt choked up with everything and felt let down by life, she sang too. Ricolda watched her daily and got to know the girl with the voice of an angel.

But Ricolda was weary of being trapped, being unable to see anything except from when she was banished into the abyss. So, she couldn't tell what they were doing, and that irked her no end. She needed to know the next plan of action, but she was barred from that whole century. She could only see beyond that. It was very irksome to be in one place for over fifty years with nothing to do at all. Even her orb refused to come on during those years in the 13th century. She was usually in pitch black darkness and would literally prefer to die instead of the torture

she was put through. Since she could not die in the abyss, she bided her time and waited patiently. After all, if she waited for all those hundreds of years, she would definitely be able to wait a few decades. It wasn't as hard as she thought it'd be anyway.

But Rhea was definitely an interesting girl, what with the way she acted, the things she did and how she reacted to every‐thing that came her way. She was indeed one type of person to model after. It was safe to say that Ricolda was a little bit too attached to Rhea, as she was her only source of entertainment in the abyss where she resided. Rhea gave Ricolda something to look forward to in the darkness of the abyss. It was an inter‐esting phenomenon when a magician of Ricolda's caliber took afirm interest in a human girl. Actually, it wasn't just a weird phenomenon as it did happen every now and then.

Ricolda was going to get out of the abyss by any means necessary and Rhea was going to be just the way she was going to do it .The game was on; Rhea vs Ricolda.

Who would win in this game of wits and wills? Ricolda knew about Rhea right from the moment she was born but Rhea was painfully unaware of Ricolda's existence. Could the odds be evened? Or would Rhea live in perpetual ignorance of Ricolda all her life?

Time was ticking, and the rainstorm sent by Ricolda ravaged and tore through the little town like it was made out of paper. The anger, the resentment, the pent-up frustration of being in an abyss with nowhere to go to fuel her very agenda. It was time to get to work, and Rhea must learn of her existence. It was the only way, for Ricolda to be freed.

Time was ticking, it always was.

Immortal Vows: Clans Isken and Utbek Book 2

The invisible superstar…
When Rhea Adams sings, the whole world stops to listen. A deeply private person, who prefers solitude to stardom, Rhea slips in and out of the spotlight, singing, then disappearing. Growing up, her difference had attracted bullies. On stage, the unique power of her voice attracts screaming audiences. But her voice has also attracted another kind of attention. Trapped for centuries in an abyss of darkness, the ruthless queen of the Isken tribe, Ricolda, has been unable to return to her own time in the 13th century. But through a glowing blue orb, she can watch Rhea. Is the beautiful singer Ricolda’s ticket to her own time, to her army of giants, and her quest to rule all of Scotland?

A simpler time…
There’s magic—true magic—in Rhea’s voice. It’s the key that unlocks Ricolda’s prison, freeing her to once again pursue her evil plans. When Ricolda appears to Rhea, then steps through a mystical portal, Rhea is compelled to follow her, into the past, into a place where there are no screaming fans, a place where Rhea might find the peace she craves. But nothing could prepare Rhea for Dahniell, a man who enraptures Rhea at first sight. And Dahniell is equally entranced by her. But can Dahniell and his village trust this beautiful stranger who consorts with the likes of the dark magician, Ricolda?

No time for love…
Ricolda believes love is for the weak, and she is not weak. She plans to be immortal. To conquer the world. That having power is greater than having love. Can the beauty of Rhea’s singing, the power of its magic, transform evil? Can Ricolda in fact be the saviour of the village, or will the past and future collide, condemning them all to eternal darkness?

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Edinburgh born and bred Katherine Prince is the author of steamy Scottish Historical Sci-Fi romance with dashes of the fantastical. Passionate about Scottish folklore, storytelling, culture and history, Ms. Prince is also inspired by the amazing festivals, writers, events, castles and places in her homeland of Scotland. Writing from her converted loft with views of the city, her studies of Archaeology and Scottish literature contribute to her books' immersive sense of place and authenticity. She loves stories with sweet characters and ultimately happy endings, but not until they've had a bit of adversity and challenges!

In the morning, Ms. Prince may be slightly incoherent until her first cup of Artisanal coffee or tea has rejuvenated her. It may or may not be accompanied by another of her loves, traditional South American chocolate. When she's not writing, her beautiful spunky son and little diva of a cat keep her busy and entertained, along with games of noughts and crosses, and a quirky and delightfully unexpected taste in music and films!

Ms. Prince enjoys hearing from readers and looks forward to connecting with them on any of her social media sites:

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  1. I really am falling in love with Katherine Prince's books. Write Faster!

  2. Ricolda has the best cover in this series. Love her dress


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