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Hector's Perfect Cake by Lily Clarke - Book Blitz & Review

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Hector’s Perfect Cake

Hector is baking a cake for his Granny and he's determined that it's going to be perfect.
But when he discovers that the peanut butter jar is empty, Hector decides that he must head out to find some more, or else his perfect cake will be ruined.

As time begins to run out, Hector's luck begins to run out too. He may have to accept that sometimes perfection just isn't possible…

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My Review
Hector's Perfect Cake is a sweet (pun intended) children's book that teaches kids that sometimes being perfect isn't possible.
Hector is a cute little badger who wants to make the most perfect cake for his Granny's birthday. All he needs to finish it off is some peanut butter. But, alas, Hector is all out. A simple trip to the market to buy some more turns into a stressful mission that leaves Hector disappointed and upset that his cake won't be perfect anymore. But, as his Granny tells him, his not-so-perfect cake is truly perfect (and delicious) because it was made by him, with love, and it's the thought that counts, after all.
This story has a good lesson for both kids and adults. Sometimes being perfect isn't possible, and that's okay. And, let's face it, nothing and no one is perfect, so there is no need to be so hard on yourself. 
I thought this was a great read, and the illustrations were super adorable. I highly recommend it.
5 stars!

Author Bio –

Lily Clarke is the author and illustrator of Hector's Perfect Cake. 
She studied Physics at the University of York and now works as an innovation consultant in Cambridge. When she doesn't have her nose in a book, she runs a small business called Lily in Space Designs, where she sells a range of illustrated products inspired by books and nature. Her favourite animals are badgers, birds and bats, (although she also loves animals that don't begin with the letter B!). 
Hector's Perfect Cake is Lily's first book, inspired by her own experiences of dealing with perfectionism. 


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Twitter - @lilyclarkex

Instagram - @lilyinspacedesigns

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