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Jungleland by M.T. Bass - Book Tour + Giveaway


by M.T. Bass


GENRE: Adventure



“There are only two types of aircraft:  fighters and targets.”

~Doyle ‘Wahoo’ Nicholson, USMC

Sweating it out in the former Belgian Congo as a civil war mercenary, with Sparks turning wrenches on his T-6 Texan,

Hawk splits his time flying combat missions and, back on the ground, sparring with Ella, an attractive young missionary doctor, in the sequel to My Brother’s Keeper.



I slid back the canopy. The woman wriggled out from around the mechanic’s blocking move and headed towards me.

Sparks shrugged his shoulders at my hand motion query. He folded his arms over his chest to watch the show.

The woman didn’t even walk around the wing but stooped to cut underneath to take a more direct line towards me. She disappeared under the leading edge and appeared at the aileron, then followed the trailing edge back to the fuselage, looking for the handhold to get herself up on the wing.

 I turned in the cockpit and watched her step up onto the wing and climb the incline up to me. I started to slide myself up to get out, getting my butt up on the back of the seat, but she got to me and blocked my way out. 

“Just who do you think you are, mister?” she barked with the authoritative voice of a medical professional at the very top of the heap. I had heard that tone in my brother’s voice more than a few times.

I just pulled off my helmet but left my mirrored Ray-Bans on. From safely behind the lenses, I carefully surveyed her gorgeously animated face—even in anger, her lips wrinkled in a bit of a smile as if this was half-show, half-genuine indignation. Her red hair was neatly pulled back in a ponytail, showing a freckled, fair complexion that had not yet been weathered and tanned by the sun, so she was new in country. Most of us outsiders knew each other well, but I didn’t recognize who this was. I had heard about a new doctor at the mission, though never imagined it might have been female.

“You’re not from around here, are you?” I asked.


“I mean originally—not born and raised.”

She scowled and punched my arm with her fist…hard.

“Ow!” I guessed she had at least one brother.

“Was that you—of course it was. Who else would it have been.”

I unscrewed the plugs from my ears, and the volume level on her voice got louder. Over her shoulder, I saw Sparks shake his head and smile.

“Listen, mister—”

“Whoa, whoa, whoa there,” I finally interrupted, holding up my hand, palm out like a cop stopping traffic. 

She stopped talking and stared hard at me. She punched my arm again…



Writers Write

When I was ready to release my fifth novel, Somthin’ for Nothin’, in 2016, I  checked in with Colin, who owns the Lakewood Book Shoppe, to see if I could get some portrait pictures there to use on my covers and he agreed.

We took the usual headshots and then Colin noted that he had an old manual typewriter and let me use it in a few pics, one of which was of me out in the February snow typing in front of his street sign. And that was the one that made it onto the back cover of the book—appropriate, as the novel was set in Alaska.

The idea of that picture noodled itself in the back of my mind and I decided to find my own typewriter. I searched high and low for one and finally found an old Royal from the 1940s (according to Colin, who knows of these things) at an antique mall in Medina, Ohio, on the way home from flying at the airport. 

Then one day in October of that year, Lake Erie was angry that day my friend (“like an old man sending soup back at a deli”), so my girlfriend Lora—who also happens to be a photographer—and I dragged the Royal out to the pier and, unbelievably, found the one dry spot at a picnic table and got an amazing shot of me beneath the crashing waves.

I matched it up with a saying by Ernest Hemingway and so began my monthly mission to come up with a typewriter-based meme I call “Writers Write” and this October started my sixth year!

Lora and I have had a great time putting together the shoots at different locations. One of our favorites was summertime at the Mile Long Pier in Lorain where we actually became the subject of oriental tourist cameras as they pointed at us and exclaimed, “Look! Look! A typewriter! A typewriter!”

Prepping for the release of Murder by Munchausen, we went to the alley behind our building on Broadway when Jo Ann came out from next door to head home and was shocked to find me lying facedown with a chalk outline drawn around me:

Then the city decided to cut down all the trees in Oakwood Park. Why you ask?  Who knows. But it was the perfect set up for a meme from Websters about “pulp fiction” that went on the back of The Darknet:

We got chased off the beach by Rangers at Lakeview Park Beach (as I was not “Authorized Staff Only”):

We drew curious stares from drivers along Route 301:

And my printer friend Chuck helped me out with a special yard sign for the 2016 Election Day outside the local polling booths:

My favorite is from downtown Cleveland at the huge “Free Stamp” sculpture in Willard Park:

And the best thing is that they make such great author shots for the back covers of my books.

You can check out all of my memes at my Writers Write photo gallery.

And so it goes…


AUTHOR Bio and Links:

M.T. Bass is a scribbler of fiction who holds fast to the notion that while victors may get to write history, novelists get to write/right reality. He lives, writes, flies and makes music in Mudcat Falls, USA.

Born in Athens, Ohio, M.T. Bass grew up in St. Louis, Missouri. He graduated from Ohio Wesleyan University, majoring in English and Philosophy, then worked in the private sector (where they expect “results”) mainly in the Aerospace & Defense manufacturing market. During those years, Bass continued to write fiction. He is the author of eight novels: My Brother’s Keeper, Crossroads, In the Black, Somethin’ for Nothin’, Murder by Munchausen, The Darknet (Murder by Munchausen Mystery #2), The Invisible Mind (Murder by Munchausen Mystery #3) and Article 15. His writing spans various genres, including Mystery, Adventure, Romance, Black Comedy and TechnoThrillers. A Commercial Pilot and Certified Flight Instructor, airplanes and pilots are featured in many of his stories. Bass currently lives on the shores of Lake Erie near Lorain, Ohio.

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M.T. Bass will be awarding a $50 Amazon/BN GC to a randomly drawn winner via rafflecopter during the tour.

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