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Make Believe by Alan Wills - Book Tour & Review + Giveaway

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Make Believe
by Alan Wills
Genre: Horror Fiction

A headstrong eight-year-old connects with a malevolent spirit inhabiting her new music box. When people try to convince her she isn't real, she must prove to them it's more than an imaginary friend.

What readers are saying about Make Believe:

"A chilling story. I've always liked music boxes, but I'll never again view them as not harmful." 
-Susan Tirsway, Avid Reader

"Delightfully spooky. Reminiscent of ghost stories told around the campfire." 
-Monica Furlow, Avid Reader

Make Believe is one of those simple, straightforward horror stories that can be read in one sitting. The story starts with a young woman and her boyfriend. They get into an argument, and he accidentally kills her. Her spirit then attaches to the music box he'd given her, and that event is what sets off the rest of the story. Each person who comes into contact with the music box meets Beth, now a malevolent spirit out to punish and destroy.
I thought the story was a pretty decent read. I do wish it had been maybe a little bit longer, with a little more build-up to a stronger climax to the story, and with a little more unease and suspense, but overall, it was a fun little story that kept me entertained while reading it. 
I think horror fans will enjoy Make Believe. Check it out!
3.5 stars.

Alan D. Wills is a filmmaker and author, who loves horror and fantasy. He is an avid movie watcher and reader of graphic novels and comic books. He encourages readers to visit to learn more about his films and other works.

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