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Netted: The Beginning by K.T. Rose - Book Tour & Review

About Netted – The Beginning

When a serial killer pulls Dale and Jessica into his world of torture and murder, they are left fighting to escape the clutches of a sadistic cult leader.

Dale simply wanted to rebound from a failed relationship. Now, he is fighting to escape abduction.

Jessica’s curiosity led her onto the dark web where she found The Silent Red Room Show. She admired the show from afar…until she found herself sucked in.

Will these perfect strangers survive the dark web? Or will they become a part of a vicious serial killer’s deadly collection?

 My Review
Netted: The Beginning is a short horror novella that reminded me a bit of Hostel or even Saw. 
The story follows two characters - Jessica and Dale - as their lives start out separate, but by the end, come together in a horrific way.
Dale is dipping his toes back into the dating pool by meeting a woman he's been talking to online. She seems nice enough, if not a little overly enthusiastic, but things soon take a turn for the worse.
Jessica is a high school loner who lives with her grandma and enjoys watching The Silent Red Room Show on the dark web. Soon, though, she'll do more than watch. 
When Dale and Jessica collide, it's a matter of life and death. Will either of them survive?
I have to say, I did enjoy the story, but I felt like there was something missing. I know it's meant to be more of an introduction to the characters and the world of the dark web, but I would have liked a little bit more to really get the blood pumping. To be able to fully immerse myself in what was going on. 
Jessica reminded me a little bit of myself when I was a teenager. While I have never explored the dark web or stumbled across a sadistic show, I was a little bit of a loner, and I enjoyed reading true crime novels (which didn't do much to help my loner status). I could definitely relate to her in a small way. 
Dale seemed like a decent guy. He definitely was a bit too hung up on his ex, though, and moving on didn't really work out for him, so there's that.
The plot moves along quickly, and by the end you're left wanting more. It's got a lot going on, but it goes by so fast, it almost feels like not enough happened. That's probably a good thing, though, as it gets readers invested and wanting to read the next book. I know I want to.
It's dark. It's brutal. It's definitely not for someone with a weaker stomach. If you're a fan of movies like Hostel or Saw, though, give Netted a shot.
While I did feel like the story could have been a little longer, with a little more fleshing out of plot and characters, I liked it for what it did give me, and I'm looking forward to the next book in the series. 
3.5 stars.

About the Author:

K.T. Rose is a horror, thriller, and dark fiction writer from Detroit, Michigan. She posts suspense and horror flash fiction on her blog at and is the author of a suspenseful short story series titled Trinity of Horror, an erotic thriller novel titled When We Swing, and A Dark Web Horror Series. She also writes supernatural and paranormal horror novels and short stories.


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