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Prospector's Run by Kevin W. Bates - Book Tour + Giveaway

Join us for this tour from Nov 23 to Dec 11, 2020!

Book Details:

Book Title:  Prospector's Run by Kevin W. Bates
CategoryAdult Fiction (18 yrs +),  277 pages
Genre: Science Fiction
PublisherKevin W. Bates
Release date:   April 2019
Tour dates: Nov 23 to Dec 11, 2020
Content Rating:  PG for mild profanity and some depictions of violence.

Book Description:

Five thousand years ago in a savage assault, someone tried to annihilate humanity. They almost succeeded. Now, millennia after the First Stellar Civilization’s cataclysmic destruction, humans have clawed their way back from the brink of extinction and returned to the stars. Massive riches in the form of forgotten tech lie hidden in the ruins of the First Civ’s dead, shattered worlds. For a prospector with luck and the right coordinates, they are ripe for the taking. Holtz Mitsumi has neither. Down and out from a failed expedition, Mitsumi allows an enigmatic stranger to talk him into one more prospecting run. After scraping together a crew, Mitsumi embarks with high hopes. But nothing is as it seems and this run may be his last.

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Guest Post
The Joy of Being Lost

By Kevin W. Bates

 I love being lost. Okay, not all kinds of lost, just that special lost when I immerse myself in another world. I’m sure you’ve been there. Sounds, sights, smells, the present world fade into the background. You’re not in your room holding a book; you’re in Victorian England, Antarctica, the Jovian moons or a galaxy far, far away. When I lose myself, the words on the page disappear. In their place, I see a movie only, unlike a theater movie, the picture is three D, the scents pungent and the emotions raw.

Seriously, I remember lying in my bed at home in Berkeley when the room evaporated and the music that often accompanied my literary journeys hushed. Wow. That was and is a heady experience. I became addicted. I couldn’t get enough of that feeling. At one point in junior high, I  “borrowed” a book a day and returned it the next. (Borrowed is in scare quotes because, to the chagrin of my lovely middle school librarian wife Marianne, I never checked out any of these books owing to my being pathologically shy and incapable of actually speaking to the librarian. Fortunately, my sins were not revealed before we were safely married and she couldn’t back out. Marianne discovered my black past when, five years after my high school graduation, she stumbled on a book stamped “Berkeley High School Library.”)

When I started writing after I retired, I discovered I could achieve the same feeling when I wrote, only now I was in charge. Such exhilaration! My characters were mine to command, or at least so I thought at first. Soon I understood that my mastery over them was limited. Showing a surprising stubbornness, some of them refused to obey me but insisted on acting in surprising ways. And they pestered me. I had heard authors talk about their characters as if they had separate lives, and I never understood what they were talking about until I created my own. But frequently when I took a break from writing Crossing the Border or Prospector’s Run, the characters would hound me to complete their story. It was eerie, but I came to understand it as part of the experience of losing myself in my work.

No doubt this phenomenon says something deeply troubling about my psyche. Certainly I have complexes aplenty. (If you’re a mental health professional reading this, please don’t enlighten me in this regard. In Orwell’s immortal words, “Ignorance is Bliss.”) At this point I’m tempted to offer a full-throated defense of my habit, but you know what? I’m not going to. I enjoy it. That’s the only defense I need or want to offer. I don’t care what it says about me or my mental state. In fact, I’ll be even bolder: I hope my readers lose themselves in my novels when they read hem the same way I was lost when I wrote them. Because to me, imagination—that fierce engine behind losing ones self in reading—is one of humankind’s greatest attributes. Every human creation, from visual art to literature to technological marvels, first came into being in a person’s mind when she was lost in thought.

So, lose yourself and revel in it. Train your mind to unmoor itself from the physical world. Beyond the pleasure it brings, you may discover something the world desperately needs. 


Meet the Author:

Kevin W. Bates was born in Berkeley, California and, with the exception of a couple year stint in Sydney Australia and a study abroad program in Japan, was raised there. In his Martin Luther King Jr. High and Berkeley High School years, Kevin developed a life-long fascination with science fiction (and, oddly, nuclear weapons) and a tendency to day dream. He discovered early that among the greatest joys in life is the thrill of losing yourself in a gripping space adventure soaring across the galaxy. Raised on classic science fiction authors such as Isaac Asimov, Arthur C. Clarke, and Ray Bradbury, Kevin took up writing science fiction to provide the same mind expanding thrills he enjoyed from those authors and more contemporary ones like Alastair Reynolds, Iain M. Banks, David Brin and Neal Stephenson.

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