Sunday, November 15, 2020

The Silent Daughter by Kirsty Ferguson - Book Tour & Review

The Silent Daughter

Secrets can kill and Danni Brooks knows that better than anyone.

When her husband and two of her three children perish in a devastating house fire, Danni is sure it is arson. She’s even more sure that her and her eldest daughter Mia were meant to die in the fire too. But they are just a normal family. Who would want them dead? 

Mia doesn’t talk. She can’t. She is locked in her own world where no one, not even her mother can reach her. 

Desperate for answers, and convinced the truth might help her to reach her daughter, Danni tries to piece together the events leading up to that murderous night and uncover the arsonist. But with so many lies to untangle, what is the truth?

Prepare to have your breath taken away by an unforgettable twist that will leave you reeling...

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My Review
The Silent Daughter is a thriller with a twist you won't see coming. It's filled with secrets, lies, and some subject matter that may be triggering to more sensitive readers.
As someone who enjoyed Never Ever Tell, another taut thriller with a twist ending from Kirsty, I was excited to read The Silent Daughter. And I wasn't disappointed.
The story starts with Danni, a married mom of three who is unable to sleep. She hears the family dog barking outside and heads out to see what's going on. When she tries to go back inside, she discovers she's locked out of her house. More than that, though, her house is on fire...with her family trapped inside. Her eldest, Mia, manages to escape, but her husband and other two children aren't so lucky. Devastated, Danni and Mia have to figure out where to go, what to do, and how to start rebuilding. 
But not everything is what it seems...
I really enjoyed this one, although it was a bit tough at times to read. There's a lot of bullying and abuse in this one, and as someone who has suffered both (at home, at school, and in my first marriage), it was a little distressing at times. And while I felt for both Danni and Mia, I didn't quite connect with them. I did absolutely hate Beth, Danni's sister, and Julie, another character who is awful and a bully. 
There's a lot going on in this story, and trying to figure it all out is definitely a daunting task. But it's well worth the read.
If you're into intense thrillers with a twist ending, check out The Silent Daughter.
4 stars!

Author Bio –

Kirsty Ferguson is a born and bred Australian. She writes crimes and mystery novels. Her stories center around strong women and dark themes that are topical and relevant to today. Kirsty chooses to deconstruct and enthrall her readers with the secrets of any everyday person behind closed doors. She has long been a lover or writing and reading, creating stories from a young age

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