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Whispers from the Dead of Night by Lee Allen - Book Tour & Review

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Whispers from the Dead of Night by Lee Allen @_Lee_Allen_ @lovebooksgroup #lovebookstours 


Are you sitting comfortably, the fire crackling, a mug of cocoa in hand? Then let us begin…

A journey through fog and darkness, destination unknown…

A sexual obsession spiralling out of control…

A forbidden love…

A killer who preys on the lonely…

An investigation into a haunted monastery…

A visitation on Christmas Eve with diabolical intentions…

A night-time escape through the forest…

Seven tales of mystery and the supernatural for a winter’s evening.

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My Review

Whispers from the Dead of Night is a collection of seven stories that are all dark, with horror/supernatural/paranormal elements. The stories include:

A Deathly Shade of Pale
The Wanderer
I Killed Dorian
'Twas the Night Before Christmas

There is at least one story for all to enjoy within this collection. As a fan of short horror stories, I found myself intrigued by this collection. While a couple of stories weren't quite as good (in my opinion) as others, they still brought something to the table and were worth the read overall.
The writing is strong and concise, and while the collection itself is a relatively quick read, the pacing didn't falter within any of the stories. 
There are moments where you'll be surprised and/or shocked within these pages, what with the mystery and suspense some of these stories bring along with them. I found myself saying what?! a few times while reading.
Overall, not a bad collection of stories. If you're looking for something dark and quick, give Whispers from the Dead of Night a whirl.
3.5 stars.

Author Bio and Image:

Born in South Wales, Lee Allen was writing from a young age, developing his fascination with mystery, thrillers and the supernatural.

His debut novel, Those Crimes of Passion, a crime thriller, was published in 2012. He followed this with the novella Alone, a supernatural mystery, in 2014; and a second novella, The Jack O'Lantern Men, a horror chiller, in 2015.

His short story collection, Whispers from the Dead of Night, a hybrid of horror and multiple sub-genres, was published in early 2020, preceded by downloads of two of the stories: A Deathly Shade of Pale, at Hallowe'en 2019; and 'Twas the Night Before Christmas, at Christmas 2019.

He is currently working on several future projects, including his second full-length novel.

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